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Specifically, I'm thinking of younger infants toys. I have an 11 week old that is just now starting to like batting at, looking at, grabbing toys on her playmat and bouncer.

Sometimes we have longer drives in the car and I'm wondering about toys for her. With her older brother I attached toys to the infant seat handle (eek, a no no but I know better now).

What is the consensus on softer foam toys (maybe that are marketed to attach to car seats or strollers) just simply placed in her lap? Would you be comfortable with that? If she drops it, oh well. Her brother usually has something like a stuffed animal or maybe a small mcondalds toy or something in the car.
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The rule of thumb is that if you wouldn't mind throwing it at your kid's head, it's probably fine for the car.

Personally, I'll even allow other toys (within reason) because sometimes keeping a kid from screaming is more important to me than the projectile risk :duck: I'm not talking heavy cast-iron cars or anything, but a board book? A toy cell phone? Sure.


I am 100% comfortable with soft toys in the car for my babies, personally. I even use the plastic links to attach them to the headrest of the vehicle seat so they don't immediately get thrown on the floor. I've also been known to give the baby a board book. I agree with Jennie that it's a matter of mitigating the projectile risk rather than eliminating it in our car.


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I pretty much allow my kids to bring whatever toys into the car as long as it's reasonably sized and doesn't have a bunch of parts. /shrugs


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I agree. I allow toys in the car, too. :eek: I prefer the toys to be soft, but I also allow books, a small action figure (for older kids, of course), or other such toys/activities.


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I too am okay with toys, especially soft ones. Like others said less detrimental than a screaming child.


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I use the 'throw it at their head rule'. I have a soft dangly toy hanging from the handle of Aubrei's car seat and one of those 'please wash your hands before touching mine' signs. I highly doubt either of those would actually fly off in a crash and even if they did, they wouldn't hurt anybody. I also allow my kids to carry stuffed animals in the car and water (JUST water) in take n toss cups.
Yeah I'm in the same camp as Jennie. Generally speaking, If I wouldn't throw it at the kid's face (obviously would rather not, but to judge the danger of the object), then it goes in the trunk. Have/will I give them a favorite toy car/hardcover book to keep them from loosing their ever-loving marbles while I'm trying to navigate 5:00 traffic? Oh you betcha. I pick my battles. If it keeps my eyes on the road and off of "I wonder what will happen if I bunjeecord the kids to the rear bumper" because the decibels in the vehicle are now exceeding that of a jet engine, then books and toy cars it is. I try soft toys first, if they don't stop the back seat choir, I move on to the next thing.


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I only allow soft toys, so I desperatly shop for that when out. haha
I get them to pick a toy or will buy them something they really like, and have as "car only toy" and I keep them rotating in the car so they don't get sick of them.
As for books it's a shame I can't find more age apropriate soft books hehe, so with my nearly 4yo and my 10yo they are allowed a magazine.

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