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What would be the best scenario....
1. Use a rented seat?
2. Gate check current seat ( a radian I believe)?
4. Place 4yo in booster?

Don't have all the details yet ( size of child, maturity, time spent in vehicle) but this is for someone taking a trip to hawaii.

I said none and either buying there or bring one on board. But just want to know others opinions if one of those options ends up being "the one".


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Why can't she use the car seat on the plane? The 4 yr old will have a ticket so why can't she install the seat on it? And what is the child's stats to see if the booster is a decent 2nd option?


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She is traveling alone w two children ( other is much older) and didn't want to bring the radian bc of the weight etc. It may be possible to convince her though (trying!) and I'm waiting on stats. I do know he will be a younger 4 though.


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It would seem silly if she is willing to gate check the seat but not just install it in the seat. I think the booster would be iffy bc the child will be excited on vacation anyway and being a booster would be different for him too.


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My first choice would be to take the RN and use it on the plane. Is the older child able to help out and handle their own carry-on? That should make the idea of traveling with the RN easier for mom as well, since she may have an extra set of hands.
If she doesn't want to take it, I'd get the RSTV.
I would not be comfortable boostering a "young" 4-year old, especially while on vacation.


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Does she know the Radian can be carried like a backpack with the optional straps? Or strapped to a rolling luggage cart or carry on luggage and be rolled right down the airplane aisle? I think I have pictures of my Radian/Coccoro/LBB set up when we traveled to Disney, let me check...

For the life of me I can't find it. The picture is even missing from the thread I started here about it. I must have deleted it from my computer or something? I found my Coccoro pic though. The picture I attached has just the CCO on the luggage with two backpacks hooked to the luggage handle using a carabiner. This is when I traveled alone with my three year old and we didn't have to check anything!

When we flew with our three kids aged 2, 4 and 6 we strapped the Radian to the luggage (same shown in the picture below) strapped the Coccoro on top of the Radian and put a low back booster under the Coccoro harness straps and rolled it all onto the airplane. We used the Radian and Coccoro on the airplane.
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Last time I flew alone with the kids they were ages 3 & 1, I think (or maybe 2 & 4). Either way, I schlepped 2 carseats & 2 little kids through the airport (luckily one of our travel seats is a GO so it stows in the overhead bin). By the time my kids were 3yo they were big enough to pull their own carry on suitcase with their stuff through the airport. I'd say suck it up and use the seat on the plane :duck: If she's going to drag it to the plane to gate check it it's really not that hard to bring it on the plane and install it.

I did find checking all non-essentials well worth the money when traveling with kids.


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Taking a Radian on board is not a big deal. She has an even older child and is the husband coming too? I was alone with three on much longer flights with connections and just rolled it on a metal, folding luggage cart. I could roll the Radian right to my seat down the aisle.

I don't use rolling suitcases because they're awkward and I don't trust the handles not to break with the Radian's weight. As a Flight Attendant, I know they're also difficult to stow and we were quick to gate-check them. If any of you do use them, make sure there's nothing needed for the flight itself inside and use a backpack for those items.

Age 4 is old enough to pull the car seat themselves, or at least take one of the carry-on's.


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Traveling alone with 2 kids and the youngest is 4? Yeah, shouldn't be a problem at all to take the Radian with and just use it on the plane. If she can't carry the Radian through the airport, use a stroller for the seat (and the kids' carryon bags).


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I think she will be glad if she installs the Radian on the plane. When we flew to Hawaii last spring, my kids were gald to have their seats on board - they were able to sleep and be much more comfortable.

I would not do a booster for a child that is not already familiar with a booster. Time difference, excitement from vacation, disruption in routine, etc, will make it very difficult for the child to be in position all the time in a booster.


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For me it would be harder to gate check the radian than to use it. You have to get it down to the bottom of the jetway and then stop, holding / supervising children who want to get on the plane right next to that scary hole between the jet bridge and the plane. Then you have to detach the Radian from your back or luggage, get it set up against the wall out of the traffic path, then pick up your stuff and children again and then get on the plane. When you take the Radian on the plane, you move in one unit from the gate agent to your seat (with some waiting, potentially), so your set up doesn't have to change.

See how I didn't answer the question? I'd say there is potential for some 4 year olds in some boosters on some vacations. But I'd be very hesitant to suggest it unless I knew the kid and parent very well and that they'd be a good fit. Is checking a seat in it's original box with some padding an option? If it doesn't arrive you're screwed, but it's easier than gate checking.

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