Latched montrey vs properly tethered nautilus....

Which would you choose?

  • Monterey latched, nautulus outboard but tethered in middle.

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  • Nautius outboard tethered and monterey not latched.

    Votes: 7 87.5%
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    Votes: 1 12.5%

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I moved Elizabeth to the back of my 2004 sienna so I can fit the 4 year old I watch and our dog in the the middle row.

At first I had Elizabeth behind the driver using the center tether because I wanted the Monterey latched. This weekend I moved her to the passenger side because we were going on a road trip without Benjamin so I wanted her seat tethered properly.

Yesterday I left the the nautilus there and put in the pro booster, I was hoping it would work and would then buy an envy cover to go with the sweet pea nautilus and floral radian. :love:

It didn't work, Benjamin thought it was fun to tilt it on corners even after I told him to keep the seat upright.

He is going back in the Monterey.

So which would you choose? monterey latched or nautilus properly tethered?

Benjamin is 8 and around 63 lbs Elizabeth is 5 and 53.
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I wouldn't have my daycare kiddo seated next to my dog to be honest.

I'd arrange things so that all FF seats are tethered, and the Monterey is latch'd if at all possible. I would not tether at an angle tha exceeds 20 degrees or 'borrows' the wrong anchor.

Is it not possible? What yr is your van?


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I would not use the Nautilus improperly tethered. Either tether it properly, or leave it untethered.

Does he tilt the Monterey if it's unLATCHed? Personally, I would want it LATCHed because I know I wouldn't rebuckle it every time, so LATCHing a booster is a requirement for me.


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Is it not possible? What yr is your van?
2004 Sienna, LATCH and tethers for all seating positions except 3rd row driver. Using lower anchors in the center 3rd row likely makes the 3rd row driver's side unusable because it is slightly offset.


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I wouldn't have my daycare kiddo seated next to my dog to be honest.
He is extremely good and she has two two dogs of her own so she knows how to treat him.

Does he tilt the Monterey if it's unLATCHed?.
No, he doesn't. I've had him in it before unlatched and he did fine. He isn't good about buckling the pro booster in Brian's car but Brian also doesn't remind him like I will. ;)

The kids are on spring break for the next two weeks. I could move Elizabeth to the middle and have Benjamin get in through the back but I need her back in the back when school starts for pick up from school.

I can't think of a way to make it work where the booster can be latched and Elizabeth has a tether unless I try Chuck in the back again. He gets car sick so we haven't tried it in a while.

When Benjamin was younger I had him in the middle back in the radian and Daniel in the monterey and Daniel did fine but I tried it and Benjamin couldn't buckle and got very frustrated.


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How is the dog being restrained? Where did the dog ride before you moved it to the 2nd row?


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Chuck (dog) is in a pet buckle. He rides behind the driver, Elizabeth was in the middle of center row in the radian, back row passenger side was Benjamin in the monterey, and Jacob (15) and Daniel (13) sat either back row driver's side or middle row outboard. If Brian and I aren't both in the van Jacob sits in front so he can watch us drive, he is getting his permit next fall when he takes driver's ed. I needed the outboard seat behind the passenger free Benjamin can get to the back.

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