Last Car Seat ever, feeling a little sad


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Ok, I think this is the only place where I can actually say this and someone will understand: I think that I just purchased the last car seat that I will ever need to buy, and it makes me really sad. DH thinks I am crazy for being so bummed about it.

We may need a HBB or two down the road, but I think both boys are set in 3 vehicles for the rest of thit car seat riding lives. As long as I like the Apt 50 when it gets delivered, that is.
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Totally understand! My grandson is almost 11 and out of all the boosters. I still keep a Harmony backless in the car 'in case", but no one I know needs it!

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I completely understand. Every time I start to think along those lines, I remind myself that if I really wanted I could always sell a seat and buy a different one.

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Oh, I get it. I'm already bummed because my youngest two are never going to need another convertible. And they're going to be...sniff... front facing in my parents' vehicles in a few months :(

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You don't have to have a kid to buy a carseat.

I could totally see myself at whatever age (let's say kids are grown but no grandkids yet)...and I install a cool new seat in my empty back seat.

Who would stop me? :)
I could put a stuffed animal in it. And I am not even kidding. I just love new seats and probably always will!


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I totally feel you! It's a little different, but I took my nanny kids' car seats out of my car and into storage at work to use for training. There are zero seats in my car... and at home I just have a Radian in my closet for when my Godson comes to visit. With no babies on the horizon, the only seat purchases in my future are for work... just not the same!!


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My youngest will be 7 next month and I am so sad that his harnessed seat days are just about over. Thankfully I have a 17 month old niece that I watch often enough to warrant keeping a convertible for and I'm getting a new niece or nephew in July that I will be watching a lot. I'll even get to keep new baby for a whole week when he or she is only 4 months old while mommy and daddy go on a cruise for a wedding they are in.


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(((GROUP HUG))))
Leah's about to get her mifold, which she doesn't even need, and that'll be our last. She's in an incognito in dh's car and that's all she needs, my car is so naked!


I don't have children, but I do babysit. I have 3 car seats, 2 strollers, 2 carriers, and a pack n play!!! The youngest I watch is 5 months so I many years left!!!!


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I'm (pretty sure) I'm in the same boat as OP, purchasing one very soon that will most likely be the last.. But as someone mentioned there are always grandkids?? Hopefully that doesn't happen too soon though! Imagine how cool car seats will be by then!! :D :D
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Hmm, this car seat hiatus isn't lasting long... I liked the Apt install so much I am seriously considering another one (or a NEXT) to replace my Guide RF for my MIL's vehicle since she wants to install and remove it herself often...

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