Question KF30 Installation Problems in a Subaru


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I just spent the better part of the last 40 minutes trying to figure out a way to install my KF30 in the back of my 2009 Subaru Impreza. I have a CCO outboard on the passenger side and I want it to stay there since it's tethered and doesn't come out of my car since it's my son's main seat. My best friend just had a c-section and can't drive and I told her I would be her main source of transportation for the next few weeks, so I wanted to install the KF for her to use so I don't have to keep installing and uninstalling her seat (it doesn't install baseless very well or else I would be going that direction).

Anyway, my personal preference was to install it in the middle seat with the CCO on it's right. Every time I did it, it was not a safe install. The problem seemed to be with the center seatbelt and the fact that it comes out of the ceiling and attaches to a long belt stalk connector to make into a l/s seatbelt. The Subaru already has long belt stalks, so having the two long belt stalks seemed to be a problem. Every time I would try to install it, the belt stalks seemed to be coming through into the beltpath and making it so I couldn't pull the belt as tight. Is it just not compatible in the middle seat?

I also noticed that the left shoulder belt lock-off (the one that I used primarily when my son used it for 10 months) seemed to be allowing the shoulder belt to slip through. I actually tested it a few times and each time it didn't hold the belt tight. Is that possible? Do these lock-offs have the potential to lose their grippiness?!

I gave up on the center install because I couldn't make it work and put it behind the drivers seat. On that side, the lock-off was fine, but I installed it with LATCH just in case because I didn't trust it.


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I have never had good luck with my KeyFit's lockoffs on the base. I can install it perfectly, it's rock solid, and 30 minutes later, it wiggles all over the place. Have you tried just installing the infant seat without the base? I know that's a pain, but since it's only for a few weeks, maybe it would be do-able?


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Yes, sometimes the lockoff gets stretched out on the KF base. You can use the other lockoff or use LATCH as you have done.


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I've done a center install in a few new Subarus with that ceiling mount belt, and had to twist the belt stalk down twice but otherwise they went in fine.


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Yes, sometimes the lockoff gets stretched out on the KF base. You can use the other lockoff or use LATCH as you have done.

Isn't this a little ridiculous though? I used the seat from July 2010 until probably April 2011, so 9 months of it's life. It was made in November 2009, so it's supposed to be good until 2015. It is definitely conceivable that I could decide to have another child while the seat is still supposed to be usable, but I wouldn't be able to install it in 2/3 of the positions in any car that doesn't have LATCH. If the seat is supposed to be usable until 2015, shouldn't that mean that all the parts (especially really important essential ones like lock-offs) will work for the life of the seat? Also, isn't this dangerous? What if a parent isn't as savvy as I am and isn't constantly checking and testing their seat? What if they just follow the instructions in the manual and leave the seat alone? Their belt would slowly be slipping and slipping away from being a safe seat, not to mention what might happen in the case of a crash.

@Emma- Yes, I will try twisting the stalk next time. I didn't think of it at the time, but I thought about it later.

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