Question Keyfit 30 or Snugride 35


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Which one did you have/love? I have to do all the shopping online since I am on bed rest. We had Evenflow with DD, cause I didn't know any better then.



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either. They're both great in their own way. The Keyfit might be a better choice if you're expecting a premie or baby with low birth weight (since you're on bed rest).


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Sorry you're on bedrest. I was on modified bedrest with mine and now that I'm pregnant again, I may have to do the same with this one. But it's all worth it for the bundle of joy we're having! :)

Now to answer your question - I had the Keyfit 30 and plan to use it with this new baby as well. LOVED IT! Hubby Loved it too!



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I had a SafeSeat1 (pretty much a SR35) with DD1 and a KF with DD2. If you'll be doing a seatbelt install I like the SR lockoff better, but KF latch install is about the easiest thing I've ever done! I don't like the KF lockoff but others do.


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They're both great! If babe is expected to be small, I'd go with the kf or make sure to buy one of the new sr35 with the improved infant padding. If car space is an issue the kf is a little smaller. I probably love the sr35 more. The kf seems to fit weird to me once the padding is outgrown but baby is still small and the headrest alone tends to push the head a little forward depending on baby's location on it, the install with latch however is a dream and makes moving the base from car to car a piece a cake.


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For me the snugride 35 is an easier install with latch and seatbelt in my odyssey.... I like the sr35 better all around :) my main thing is it's easier to get in and out of the base and less sweaty for baby

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We LOVED the KF30 for our daughter (just packed it away... so sad!) especially after having used the PP SIP 30/30 while nannying the last few years.
It's so easy to install and doesn't take up a ton of room front to back since you don't have to put the handle down. Haven't used the SR35 but our friend has two for her twins and she wishes she had gone with the KF after seeing the extra front to back space when installed in the back seat.


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We loved our Keyfit. It installed very easily with both seatbelt and LATCH. DD is tall and lightweight and outgrew the Keyfit by height well before she reached 22 pounds so the 30 pound version wouldn't have done us much good but who knows what the build of our future kid(s) might be like? In retrospect I think we should have gotten the KF30 and a stroller frame instead of the 22 lb travel system but that's really not a big deal.

To be honest the biggest deciding factor in picking the Keyfit was that we just didn't like any of the gender-neutral Snugride covers at the time we did our baby registry. :p Graco has come out with some nice covers in the last year or so but at the time (nearly 2 years ago) we both really preferred the look of the Keyfit. I figured they were probably about the same in terms of safety and use and so it came down to aesthetics.
I have no experience with the Snugride 35 but we are just now needing to buy a new carseat (asap) as our 25 lb 14 month DD is 30" tall and barely, barely has one inch above her head to spare. So much for the 30 lbs we thought it would last her!

We have the Cubes grey version and I agree with the previous poster who mentioned that they are sweaty. We live in Florida and no matter the weather, baby is constantly sweating around her head in this seat, leaving big wet marks. I don't think a cotton cover would do that nearly as much. I don't recall my other two children ever doing that in their seats either.

Otherwise, we really enjoyed the seat and felt DD was very safe in it. (actually, we were rear-ended with her in it when she was 5 months old and she doesn't seem to have had any adverse effects - even according to her pediatric chiropractor. The vehicle had $4600 in damage, though. We were able to purchase any seat we wanted and we bought the same exact version of Keyfit 30 in cubes, so we must have liked it. :)


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I like to use the infant bucket for a long time because I'm always running around with my older kids and if it's DD's naptime I want her to stay asleep so I just haul her (she's 14m and 23lbs!) into a shopping cart or snugrider stroller frame.

The SR35 (or SS1 that I'm using now) will last longer in my case. :)


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I've had and love them both! I'm using 2 Keyfit 30's right now because the bases fit better side to side in the car for my 3 across.

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We have a SR32 for DD and had a SS1 for DS. They can be bulky but will last longer. DS used his till he was just shy of a year, he still fit but I got a CCO and put him in that. When I've played around with KFs in the store I wasn't a fan of them. They have a smaller shell. I'll try to get a picture of DS sitting in his sister's and I have to go to Target tomorrow and will plop him into the one there.


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I bought a KeyFit30 for DD2 because there was a possibility that she was going to be born early. She wasn't, but she was petite and she fit in it for 17 months. I only moved her because we were traveling for the whole summer and I was afraid she'd outgrow it while we were on the road.

I'm reusing it for DS2, who was born early. I'm fairly sure that when he came home from the hospital after 17 days at just over 6lbs that the SR35 would not have been a great fit for him. The KeyFit is perfect, though.

The KeyFit has installed easily in every car we've tried.

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