I've got a bit of a decision to make


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So apparently my impossible RN install really is impossible. I got it tight and it stayed that way for quite a while but ever since I took it out to wash it and reinstalled it, it keeps coming loose. I'm done. I can't trust the RN in that seating position so I'll have to replace it.

I can either put my 5 yr 4 mth old daughter in a booster and let CJ (4) ride in her FR until I can get him something else, or I can put CJ in a Scenera I have. He's right at the top slots and weighs 38 lbs.

WWYD? Put dd in a booster for a while, or DS in a seat he is right at the shoulder straps of. I'll have to sell or trade my RN to get him a new seat. I don't have the funds to just order one.

Also, what do I replace it with? The FR 85 works there, but it's a pita to install and makes it difficult to fold the seat down to access the 3rd row which we have to be able to do. It also makes it so I have to buckle DD (7 1/2) booster for her because it's so tight. All my kids get bad head slump in the GN so that's out. I hate the continuous harness on the Maestro and the kids don't like how close it is on their necks. I may have a trade for a BLVD. I know it's not the best option to get a convertible when he'll only use it FFing, but it has to go in that position and allow a booster to buckle next to it and the other seat to fold. He's at the 2nd to top harness straps on the RN so I'm hoping he'll have about as much growing room in the BLVD. What am I missing?


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I'm not sure what car it is but I can put a ProSport on the 40 part of my folding seat and my seat folds down great with it there.

If he is good at booster riding, I would booster him.


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So the RN was tight before and now it's loosening? Does it loosen w/ both a LATCH install and a seat belt install? You mentioned it won't work for a specific seating position... have you tried it in any other positions?

Does your 5 yo sit well in a booster? Do you already have a booster for her?

If your DS' shoulders are just at the top slots and he's under the weight limit, it's safe to use the Scenera for now. Obviously it wouldn't work long-term, but it would give you a week or two to get a new seat.

I don't know that I'd be comfortable selling a seat that seemed to be working but no longer works the way it did. That would make me wonder if something else is going on (something broken maybe?).


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It's a seat belt install. The vehicle doesn't have latch. I'm sure it has something to do with the way the latchplate is sitting. In order to install it, I have to twist the buckle 3 times, buckle it the belt, kneel and tighten, unbuckle the belt, flip the latch plate, and then wiggle it back into the buckle. I'm thinking the seat compressed enough over time that the latch plate isn't sitting in a good position anymore. I noticed quite a bit of compression when I unbuckled it after testing today and finding it loose on the buckle side again.

I assure you, it's my truck, not the seat. I'd never sell a seat that wasn't working properly. :)

His seat has to be in that location for the rest of the kids to fit safely in their seats.

I'm not really ready to have my 5 year old in a booster. She's ridden in one a few times and I'm not comfortable with it. She sits ok, its just a gut feeling I have.


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Personally, I'd put him in the Scenera until I could get something else. As far as the something else, maybe a CA? Tall top slots and an easy install? Just throwing it out there.


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Is it a lap/shoulder belt or a lap only belt? If it's a lap/shoulder belt, have you tried a locking clip?

If you're not comfy w/ your 5 yo in a booster, I'd put your DS in the Scenera while you figure out what else to get.


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Lap only. Center of a '99 suburban. You can see him in it in my sig pic. ;)

I'm going to go out and install the FR in that position now that Abi's in a Clek instead of the TB in my sig pic. Maybe it'll still be ok. I'll report back when I'm done. :lol:

Editing to add:

Ok, the install was much easier than I remembered. BUT it won't let the seat fold down or DD buckle her booster. I'm thinking I'm going to order him a Maestro and make the parental decision to use harness covers.
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If you have the budget for it, you might want to consider the SecureKid instead of the Maestro. The headrest adjusts (longer booster use) and the harness has a 65# weight limit rather than 50#. It still doesn't come with strap covers, though.


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Thanks y'all. I'll check it out. I think my least expensive option for a seat that I know works is to get a kathryn RA50 from Target and use my old Freedom cover on it. I can do that for about $100. I'm afraid anything not on a base like that will be too wide for the booster next to it. :(


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Have you tried the CA there? Thinking it might be longer-lasting than the RA but still have enough "lift" to buckle the booster.


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Not yet. I tried it rear facing when they first came out and wasn't particularly impressed. Are the top strap heights taller on the CA than the RA 50?


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Ah -- no. Spreadsheet says they're both 17". I thought the RA50 was a couple of inches shorter. No real benefit there then :)

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