Is there any double stroller i would like?


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I have a baby jogger city elite (edited accidentally said select) and Mac techno, I really hate them both.

I'm wondering if I'd like a bob double since it has one front wheel and would be easier to steer.

Also wondering about baby jogger city select but man that is a lot of money.

When I bought the baby jogger no place in town carried them so I couldn't try them out and when I went to check them out I liked the single baby jogger city elite more than the bob so got it instead.

Still wondering if getting the tires with foam would help me like the baby jogger. I thought it had the foam tires when I bought it. It just has always seemed off and when I have seen others when out, I have asked strangers if i could test theirs and they are always easier to steer.

I have 6 kids I watch part time but never more than 4 at a time.

A 9 month old and 5 month old both around 16 lbs.

6 month old 20 lbs

2 year old 37 lbs
2 1/2 year old 34 lbs
4 year old 50 lbs.

The 4 year old loves being in the stroller. I always wear one baby.

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Do you need to fold it to put in your vehicle or are you using it just from home. I love our BOB duallie but it is heavy and takes up a fair bit of room in the trunk. It pushes nicely and I could push a 3 and 5 year old no problem. Also is it for pavement or off road?


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I'm confused as you said you have a City Select, but then ask about getting one? Do you have the double city mini?? I had the City Select. I got it, because it was the only double where I could have my youngest face me and my oldest face out (other than the bugaboo donkey which is WAY too expensive for me). I liked it, because it had seating configurations that worked for me. It is long, but the BOB Duallie is longer. If you will primarily be using it outdoors, I would go for the double BOB. If it is a going to the mall kind of stroller, I wouldn't get the BOB as it is really big, and I think difficult to deal with in stores. In that case th City Select may work better for you. I saw lots of people at Disneyland using the City Select, but I really didn't like it for outside use, as it is hard to get over large bumps in the sidewalk and over curbs etc.


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I have a 2004 Toyota sienna with a nice trunk area, will use it when out and home. Mostly paved trails, we have some no paved ones but it has been a long time since I've used them.


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Sorry I don't have city select, I have city elite. There isn't much of a high end stroller resale here, I might could find a city select if I drove to Chicago, I wouldn't mind seeing my nephews.


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I have a 2004 Toyota sienna with a nice trunk area, will use it when out and home. Mostly paved trails, we have some no paved ones but it has been a long time since I've used them.

Our Duallie fit well into our Van(2007 Hyundai Entourage) back well area. It's just heavyish. It is very easy to steer. I don't have much to compare to. What about a Baby Jogger GT double. Lighter and holds up to 100lbs. The wheels are air tires and I think if you are using it on pavement it would be nice.


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I would use it mostly outdoors but sometimes at the mall. I mostly will use it mall walking not shopping but still need to be able to use it in bathrooms.

After taking the baby jogger to the mall and eating at bread co (panera) I bought the Mac, it was very annoying to take in there but I had to because a baby was asleep.


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I don't think the City Select would work well for outside walking. Plus the Select has a 45 pound seat limit so the 4yr old wouldnt fit. The City Mini GT may work for you. It doesn't have true air tires though, just the forever air. It is smaller than the Elite. However, I've heard mixed things about how well it handles. Some really like it, but others don't. The Bob Duallie may be your best bet. It will be great for outdoors, but it will be big for small stores/ restaurants. Just mall walking should be fine though. Plus it is cheaper than any of the Baby Jogger strollers. You can get it for a good price on Amazon or


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I think you want air tires. I feel ya on that. ;) Get something that steers well with air tires and you'll probably love it...


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I have a BJCS and hate it in double mode. I think part of this us bc my kids are almost 4 years apart and we always keep DS closer to us and facing us. It's a beast to push with the heavier kid in front.

I'd try out a GT double.

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