Is there a double jogging stroller for both walking, jogging and the mall???


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I would love to have just one double stroller. I'd like to get a double jogging stroller that I can use fast pace walking and jogging as well as taking it to the mall and shopping. Is there one that folds up real well and is good for all around use?


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Maybe this? Wheels are kinda small, though.. and, of course, it costs more than your first car :p

This one, too...
This is cute...

but this is cute..

the more you spend, theoretically the sturdier it is and the easier it is to take off the wheels, etc... Have you perused yet? Her formatting is a little odd, but her strollers are delicious. (her entire reason for becoming strollerqueen was 'to find the perfect double' and years later I don't think she has, but it's fun to watch her try, lol).



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I would love to have just one double stroller. I'd like to get a double jogging stroller that I can use fast pace walking and jogging as well as taking it to the mall and shopping. Is there one that folds up real well and is good for all around use?
I love my Ditto Manhattan (one of the links posted) but there's no way I would take it to the mall and it takes up the ENTIRE back of my Pacifica with the third row folded down. I don't think I'd take any side by side to the mall, though. You just wouldn't be able to fit it in some stores.

What about the Phil and Ted E3 with the attachment to make it a double. This - . It would definitely be the only stroller you need. I'm not sure at what weight the extra seat is outgrown, though. But you could sell it and buy something else at that point. It probably has great resale.


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Hands down the Baby Jogger City Series double. the fold is awesome, it's light enough to pull in and out of your car all the time, it has full recline, it handles like a dream, it goes from pivot wheel to fixed in a second, and the handle bar has awesome adjustment. The fold is just incredible... the single is one handed... the double you would need two hands, but an awesome stroller. and it's not super wide... I mean, it is a side by side, but it's a smaller one for that class.

GREAT stroller..

(email me if you want some more options and prices)
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I have been thinking of that Phil and Teds. I saw a lady in the neighborhood with one. It looks so cool. How does the second kid in the back bottom like not seeing out so much though? And how is the storage?


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I have been thinking of that Phil and Teds. I saw a lady in the neighborhood with one. It looks so cool. How does the second kid in the back bottom like not seeing out so much though? And how is the storage?
I haven't tried one out myself so I can't say about the storage but moms on my other boards who have it say that both their kids want to ride on the bottom. So seeing out doesn't seem to be a big issue. ;)

Of course, I might want a side-by-side just so I didn't have to deal with the "No, I want to ride on the bottom!" fight constantly.


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Okay, I'm just copying and pasting the following cuz I already typed it out on another thread! ;)

"I adore my E3V2. It is the best double out there. My kids are 3 years, 1 month apart and it has been perfect.

In toddler/newborn mode... the toddler seat sits on the front of the stroller and will hold 44 LBS This should fit your DD for quite awhile until the baby is sitting up.

In toddler/toddler mode... the toddler seat sits on the back of the stroller and will hold up to 33 LBS Once the baby is old enough and sitting up, the baby can sit in the back (with the 33lb weight limit) and the front seat will hold up to 50 LBS

I was also able to fit my Snugride into the bassinet portion of the E3V2 and Aiden sat in the toddler seat up front... made quick trips into the store super easy with the new baby since the baby could stay sleeping in the carrier/carseat while we zipped in/out. I am getting a Safeseat1 for baby #3 and have already tried it out in the bassinet as well. It is a tighter squeeze, but I can still get it in there, yay!

I have had up to 70 lbs of toddlers, plus two stocked panniers (one is my diaper bag and the other holds my cooler filled with snacks, drinks, ect.) and it was still fairly easy to push.

We took this stroller everywhere with us until about a year ago. Then I got my P3 and now that goes everywhere indoors/short trips (malls, stores, ect.). However, the E3V2 still goes to the parks, zoo, amusement parks, stampede... anywhere I think Aiden won't walk the whole time (basically any day trips/outings). He is 5 years old, tall for his age and still fits comfortably in the front seat. Mikkel hangs out in the back and loves his space.

The only downside to my E3V2... my jealousy over the new Sport model... it has the jump seat that reclines, the easily adjustable handle, and that awesome green colour! I really want to upgrade to the new sport model (2007 model), but can't do it. My E3V2 is still in perfect shape after almost 4 years of owning it and going through 3 toddlers and a newborn.

Hope that helps some... if you have any questions, just ask."

Just to add (so it's relevant to your post): I haven't officially jogged with it yet. I have put the front swivel wheel in the fixed position and rollerbladed with it and that seemed to work well. Mostly we just go for walks though... maybe we'll get out the rollerblades this year, we have a really nice path that is close to us (if we can make it through all the construction!).

I would definitely get the panniers. They hold a ton of stuff and make the storage issue non-existant.

When my oldest was 3 and his little friend (that i watched all the time) was 2.5yrs, they fought constantly over who got to sit in the back seat... apparently it is the cool seat to sit in! Aiden would still sit down there if I let him, but he weighs 35lbs and the seat is only rated to 30 or 33 (can't remember which) when in the toddler/toddler mode. It holds 44lbs when in the newborn/toddler mode, I think due to the fact that the toddler seat is supported on the frame of the stroller when it is in newborn/toddler mode.

Hope that helps...


New member just come up with almost $500...ouch! Why are jogging stroller so stinkin expensive?! Anywhere find good deals on them anywhere?
If you're not in a hurry keep checking this site - . They have a Phil and Ted model on there (not the one you're looking for unfortunately) so you might find what you want and a pretty good discount. There's where I bought my Ditto Manhattan. ;)

The E3 is $389 here and I'm pretty sure it includes the bottom seat - .


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I love my phil and ted's. It's good for going through doors - not as wide as the side by side strollers. I also had a BOB Duallie and could never get through the door of the starbucks if I wanted to get a coffee while we were out walking! :)

The Phil and Ted's just seems like a single stroller as far as pushing it and getting through doors and stuff. There's just a 2nd kid hidden in there! :)

My kids used to fight over who gets to sit in the back low seat. I thought they would hate it, but they think it's cool. Now my older kid is too big to fit in that seat so the little one always gets to go in the "cool" seat. :)



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Oh, I forgot to add that I've had a Bob Duallie, a Zooper Tango, and the Sit n Stand (not to mention a zillion single strollers). I think that the Phil and Teds is BY FAR the nicest. Even now that my older kid is pretty much OUT of strollers, I still pick the Phil and Ted's over my singles. You can remove the low back seat, but I usually keep it in so that I can load it up with stuff. Makes an excellent shopping basket for the farmers' market or whatever! :)

This is by far my favorite stroller! Plus you can buy it in crazy bright colors!


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Based largely on Jen's glowing review (and the ages of her kids) I bought a Phil & Ted Sport (the 2007 version of the E3). It's supposed to be arriving this week and I can hardly wait!!!

I think if you do a lot of mall trips, or anything where you need to get through tight spaces, the P&T might be the way to go. If you do more serious walking/jogging then perhaps a dedicated jogger might be the best. From what everyone says about the P&T, it handles light to moderate jogging fairly well.

Stinks how much $$ all the all-terrain and jogging strollers are, doesn't it?

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