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I need some thoughts on where you guys would put each kid in my scenario. I have 3 kids - 3 (33 lbs) ,7 (45lbs) and 11 (72 lbs but tall) and drive an odyssey. 3 yr old is in a diono 2axt in the middle seat in middle row, rear facing. I want to keep him there because he is big for his age and experienced a wagon accident that caused dental trauma. He needs to be the most protected. My 7 year old is super super tiny. He just hit 45 pounds today so he finally needs turned. He has been in the passenger side middle row in a radian. My daughter was in a booster in the back passenger seat in a booster but I think she finally is ready to come out of that.

I need the driver's side middle row free to make buckling easier and to keep access to the back.

Do I put the 11 year old booster-less in the passenger middle row or keep her in the back? Would my forward facing 7 year old be safer in middle row passenger or in the back middle or passenger?

It would be kind of nice to have her be able to help with the toddler but I just want everyone in safest spot given our circumstances. I had been leaving part of the back row down for when we had to wait during classes but now that it's hot we don't have to do that right now.

Thank you for the input. Majorly stressed at home with a slowly dying pet and my dh, while a master at installing, hasn't ever really researched the best places to put each child.


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Keep in mind the Radian has standing and seated height limits too, not just weight limits. Have you checked that your oldest passes the 5 step test in all the seating positions you are considering for her? See link below.

Assuming the middle child still fits in the Radian and it installs well wherever you want it, I would suggest you make your decisions based on convenience. While there may be a tiny difference in safety in different seating positions, installing and using seats/belts properly is more important.


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What year is your Odyssey? I have concerns about the fit of the Radian in several seating positions (including rear facing in second row center) of several model years so what year definitely affects what I'd recommend.

In every year I've worked in, my children took a long long time to pass the 5-step test in the second row side captain's chairs. They passed in the third rows a year or more before their knees bent properly and the belt fit well second (and they are not small children with short legs lol.) I used a Safety 1st Incognito if they rode in those 2nd row seats until they passed.

As far as I'm aware we don't really have 2nd vs 3rd row safety info. So I'd focus first on where seats install properly and the 11 year old gets proper belt fit. Everything after that I'd decide by convenience. (I would, however, keep the third row up while driving to help contain any items in the trunk.)


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Thank you so much, especially for the 5 step test. I had not come across it yet (no idea how) and that is exactly what I needed. I will go out and retest her. I'm worried she so thin that she may need the booster still, though she's been complaining about how high up they put her.

If she still needs a tiny boost, are there any less beefy boosters that are nice? Right now we have an oobr and a parkway sgl. I am thinking about ordering the mifold so that we'll have it on our next trip anyway. It seems like maybe it would be a good solution if she is close.

My odyssey is a 2017.


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You have the same generation as me. I wouldn't put a Radian rear facing in the middle second row. I'm not comfortable with the way the foot interacts with the seat hinges. I would move it to the side or the third row. I also had extreme difficulty getting a Radian forward facing third row seatbelt install (which you'd need to do at that weight) so the 7 year old likely needs to stay there or move to a booster third row.

The 11 year old will probably not quite pass second row outboard but may center and third row. If she needs a boost I would recommend the Safety 1st Incognito. It's currently difficult to find (production schedule hiccups) but is available directly from the Safety 1st website or from (shipping is pricier there but you get a $10 credit if you sign up for emails so that may wipe out shipping costs and make it cheaper.)


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AND, I just learned that rather than revamping production as I'd been told they are discontinuing the incognito and the redesigned replacement won't be available for several years. I'd get that incognito now if you think you might need it.

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