Infant or Convertible?


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We travel often, and I am trying to make the decision between what seat to get for number 3. We fly lots, due to family being in another country. We flew home three times last month, due to 2 family emergencies and Christmas. I like the idea of just going straight into the convertible, which I would most likely get a CCO. I like the thought of a travel system for early on. I am thinking the KF 30. My girls were both smaller, Summer was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 19 inches tall. She didn't double her birth weight until 7 months old. She was 18 pounds at 1. Leah was 7 pounds 2 ounces, and 19 inches tall, I don't remember the exacts on what she weighed at when, but she is still pretty little, 33 pounds and 37 inches tall, with a 13.5 inch torso, at four years and 5 months. I also like the MR, but would like to know how it fits newbies.


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I can see points in favor of either one.

On the one hand, the infant seat is easier to travel with than any convertible, even the Coccoro. You can buckle and unbuckle an infant seat on an airplane without even waking up a baby. With the Coccoro, the belt path goes under the baby's feet so doing it without disturbing the baby takes more practice.

On the other hand, a Coccoro will typically last about two years for rear-facing, rather than a year or a year and a half for a Keyfit. (Of course it sounds like YOUR kids will probably last in either seat a lot longer than is typical). And once you eventually make the transition from an infant seat to a convertible, a Coccoro is one of the easier seats to travel with. But by the time your child outgrows the Keyfit, a Coccoro isn't a very economical option anymore because half of its use has already been outgrown.

The My Ride is nice, but if you want an easy travel seat that isn't it. If you buy a My Ride you will probably still want to buy another seat for flying with (although that could be something as inexpensive as a Cosco Scenera if you wanted; not sure I'd want to fly with a newborn in a Scenera but it could be done).

Congratulations on your pregnancy, by the way. :)


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All the times we fly we have never used the lap child option, and will continue this with number three. Both my older girls have there car seats that we travel with, a Maestro and a Turbo Booster. Leah still sits in her seat on the plane while we fly, but Sum sits in the plane seat by herself. I like the idea of having the carrier, so I can carry this child around, if I choose. I do baby wear, and would most likely use some sort of carrier, rather than carry the car seat.


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Since the baby is due in September, you might want an infant seat for the winter when it gets cold. It's easy to bundle the baby up to keep warm.

Have you ever used a CCO? Are you okay with buying another RF seat for when your baby outgrows the CCO?

ETA: I see you're in FL so never mind the winter part. ;)


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Money isn't a worry for car seat wise. I don't mind purchasing another car seat to rear face longer. No I have never used a CCO, we were living in Canada when the girls were little. With both girls we made the switch to a bigger car seat around 8 months and used the bucket while traveling with others, or just traveling. If using the bucket this would probably be the same. I am completely ok with both options.


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I feel like everyone here loves the CCO, and I just didn't. The foam almost broke every time I installed or put a child in there. It just wasn't for me. I know it's hard to try, but if you do get a chance to try it, I definitely recommend it. It's a cute seat, but I personally wouldn't pick it over an infant seat.


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We brought our last baby home in the My Ride. She was 9lbs 14oz though... But she was snug as a bug in a rug. We're bringing the next baby home in one as well.

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