If you had to buy a vehicle tomorrow...


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Well, not in your price range, but we are buying a new(to us) truck this week sometime - It is down to 2 - either an 05 or 08 Chevy 3500 crewcab dually, with a flatbed on it.

If I had to buy a new (for me) vehicle tomarrow - it woudl be another Suburban. I grew up with them, and am on my 3rd one :D


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If I had my druthers, I would have gotten an Ody... a few months ago would have added the Sienna, but I just cannot buy a new Toyota right now. I tried :eek: But, they were a bit out of my price range, though it sounds like they're in yours. I've never known anyone to have problems with a Honda, and I lived/work in a community with MANY MANY Hondas. (Seriously 2/3 of the vehicles around here, due to community ties.) I would say your friend's experience is the exception, not the norm.

If I only had two kids to transport, and didn't have plans for needing a 3rd row vehicle, I wouldn't get one. I would go with a larger sedan, or maybe a small SUV (with better mpg,) if you wanted something larger. Mazda5, even?

SUV-wise, I really really loved the Saturn Outlook. You can get a 2007 for under $20k. Under 15, you're looking at things slightly older/higher mileage if you want a larger vehicle, but I'm sure you knew that.

Are there reasons you want something larger than a sedan? Passenger space vs. cargo space makes for different recommendations. I ended up with an 8 psgr Pilot in which I cannot get the kids plus the cargo (my Graco single stroller only fits with one of the back seats folded down.) Good thing we hardly ever use it, lol.

And, I would just like to say I feel your pain on a tiny garage. We switched garages at my complex, and they ended up giving us a smaller new one... with all of the "stuff" we have in there (garage in lieu of renting a storage unit,) I literally had to bump my bicycle with my van to get it parked. I would park, get out, check the back, move it forward if necessary, lol. We haven't tried my new vehicle in there yet, but I hope it fits better, lol.


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My current favorite are the Ford Freestyle/Taurus X and the Flex. The Freestyle/Taurus X is easily in your price range. I also really like the new Taurus and it has awesome safety ratings. My dad just got a new F150 crew cab, and it has TONS of room. The F150s have grown significantly over the last few years, so if you look at them, be sure to watch the back seat size. The current model extended cab is about the same size as an older model cre cab.


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Actually I change my answer. I would get a new town and country so Jacob and Daniel could sit backwards. I think Daniel is now tall enough and I would be okay with him out of a booster if he was able to sit backwards.


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Under 20k? 2005 Altima SE-R. Preferably black. Close second would be a carbon black 2005 Subaru WRX Impreza. Either would have to be manual. Both can be had easily under 20K, allowing for some nice modifications under the hood (and brakes, suspension, etc.) and a nice Recaro seat for my little one.


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Well, I might be able to put this off a little longer. $750 in a new drive line later, it's like a whole new car. :love: Dh's client that wants him on site is coming to the end as well. He won't have to commute those three days a week anymore.
Just an fyi for tall dh's! LOL My dh is tall as well. When we were shopping for a new van a few years ago, we looked at the top sellers, even though we were only wanting to buy American. The Honda Ody didn't fit my dh with our BM rf'ing. His knees hit the dash.

We got the Chrysler Town and Country and love it. :thumbsup:

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