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How do you deal with times that your child *can't* sit properly in their booster, due to extreme illness?
DD1 has been asking to booster full time for the past year, and I originally told her maybe when she was 6 (in June), but yesterday I had to take her in to the Dr. unexpectedly and it made me rethink things (She was running a high fever and pretty lethargic. I don't think she could have sat properly no matter how much she'd want to). So what do you do if your older child is that ill, or is on medication that would make it hard to sit well? (Thinking of when she had her endoscopy a few months back and the medicine made her loopy.


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I haven't run into a time like that yet.

Maybe lock the belt?

When I was way sick a few years ago, there's no way I could sit right on the way to the er (dh drove). I was lethargic , disoriented, etc. I slouched and all that. I can't imagine a booster rider sitting right either. Maybe that's just an "emergency" situation where no matter what it won't be ideal.

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Honestly for a 6 yr old I would still have a harnessed seat hanging around. Even now for long trips and late nights I put ds1 who is 7.5 in the fr85. Most days he rides in Probooster and sleeps well in it bug I like the extra option.

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If this is a case where extreme illness is frequent and expected for some reason, harnessing longer may be the right answer. But if this is the truly, unexpected, very infrequent situation, it would be no different than an adult - sometimes it may not be the best situation, and you just do the best you can


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I haven't run into that situation with a HBB. My 6 yr old was pretty sick last week, and she just fell asleep in her Monterey. She didn't slump or slouch, just leaned her head back. She doesn't fit in anything other than a FRXT (even then I am not sure, she is well over the ths on the Nauti) and I am not buying one of those just in case, lol.

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I wouldn't have a choice -- she's 83# in a swimsuit (and I don't own any harnessed seats anyhow). I'd put the back on the Monterey, lock the belt, and hope for the best. If she was very ill, I'd try to have husband drive so I could sit in the back with her.

ETA that if some special needs developed, I would of course look into special needs seats as appropriate. I don't plan to keep a Roosevelt around for the once-a-year migraine with vertigo or the like.
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My son has been full time boostered since he was 6.11yrs of age. He is too long thru the torso for any harnessing seat, so there is no harnessing option for him.

He rode home after two surgeries in which he was VERY groggy. I made certain he was proped up properly and sat in the back with him. He rode home three days post op after a g-tube placement, very sore still, but ended up falling asleep. He knows how to sleep properly in his booster, so that is not an issue.


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I agree with the 'lock the seatbelt' & 'have someone ride next to them' suggestions.

And if it's not a regular thing I wouldn't worry about keeping a harnessed seat for possible needs like illness (and if I had a kid that sick I probably wouldn't be taking the time to switch out seats for a trip to the Dr either).


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I didn't booster full-time until she was capable of sitting properly even when asleep, sick, tired, etc.; but if there was a time she really couldn't because of EXTREME illness, I would either ride in back with her and help her, or if it was so severe she couldn't sit up, that might be a time to consider ambulance transport (like, if she was in pain from suspected appendicitis that was SO SEVERE she couldn't even sit up? Yeah, I'd be calling an ambulance for that, in case it ruptured on the way.)


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My DD had a procedure done a month ago and she was kind of tired/Loopy afterwards...she rode in her Monterey home and was fine, I did lock the seatbelt, but I think she would have been fine. She was almost 9yo.


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We have locking latchplates-locking the seatbelt isn't an option in our main car. At the time they were concerned she was showing signs of meningitis and wanted us to keep her separated from the baby as much as possible, so I took her while DH stayed home with the baby. It turned out to just be a really nasty ear infection, and she has never been that sick before but I was very glad she has the F85 in our main car-I would have been even more of a mess if I had to worry about how she was sitting in the car.


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M had surgery a couple of weeks ago, she is in a nbb and I reclined the seat a little for her. It's not great but we got home, and didn't go in the car again until she could sit better.

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