I ordered the USAA carseat brochure


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I ordered 100 of them. I gave some to my mother for her daycare parents and the rest are going to the families of the preschool where I teach music. I can not believe the misuse/nonuse that I see there. It is ridiculous.

I think the next thing to do is organize a seat check. I have no idea how to go about that. Are there any techs here from the Springfield, MA area?


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I have about 50 floating around the base right now. Sadly not many people take them. :(

3beans is from Amerhst. I believe that is as close to you as they get. Hey maybe if I get certified this summer eventually something can be planned when I come to visit.

I know Baystate Medical Center has a tech and car seat program as well.


I just gave my DD's daycare some of the USAA brochures to distribute to the kids. I was hoping they would put them in each kids cubby so the parent would take it home and possibly read it. Instead, she put it on the table outside the doors to the daycare where people can choose what info they want to take. The booklets have been there now 5 days and very few are gone.

I see a lot of misuse at the daycare and I was really hoping that these booklets would help them. Unfortunately, most people don't think they have problems with carseats so they probably aren't going to go out of their way to pick up the booklet on the table since they already know everything about carseats.

I still love the booklets though and keep them in my car for handing out whenever I see a good time.


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Maedze is in Amherst, and I'm in Hudson. You could probably convince me to come help out. :) I have no idea about organizing a check, but I could help work it. Keep me in the loop.


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I'm also near Hudson (about an hour from Springfield).

I just got my USAA brochures today (finally, after having to order them 3 times -- the first 2 orders from last year never showed). I wonder why they don't specifically list "rear-facing convertible" as an option in the toddler column.

Have you helped out with any checks in Springfield? Two of the instructors from my course are from that area, and I thought they had regular checks. But maybe not.


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I ordered them and had them in less than a week! I have been putting them on cars, sometimes highlighting the offending reason :rolleyes:
But I know it got through to one person. The old century in the car down the street has been replaced with a Tribute (I think, it is Evenflo.) :D

I also gave a handful to my friend who is a nurse in L&D. Her hospital started doing their own diaper bags instead of the formula ones and she is going to see if those can get added. They already give the parents a new Scenera when they go home.


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i have 300 waiting for the kids fair this sat! gosh i HOPE people take them.....i'd be happy with proper use to the minimums around here.


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I write this site's URL ("for more information, check out..."), and the name and number of a local (good) tech on that nice big white space at the top. I make my own notes inside it. Then I let my almost-five-year-old daughter hand it out to pregnant women and people with newborns. They take it from her. ;)


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I think the next thing to do is organize a seat check. I have no idea how to go about that. Are there any techs here from the Springfield, MA area?

Whoa, I didn't realize you were local. I'm in Amherst, and if you have a plan for a check in mind, I can help you get organized. SafeKids has a nice van ;)


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oh i wish i new about this board when we were there - we lived in Palmer for a few years - i went to school at WNEC before we joined the army - i really miss it up there. Maybe we can move back soon.


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I am actually in Enfield CT - but work in Springfield. It is only 15 minutes from me. I have absolutely no idea about what I would need to do to plan a check. It is getting close to the end of the school year so I may need to plan it for the fall. Of course, I have to get permission from the school director first. I don't think that will be a problem.

Oh, and I would love to meet all of you.


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If you want to do it in the Springfield area, you need to get someone to sponsor it, someone who might donate pizza ;) and has a parking lot big enough to cordone off a substantial amount of space. Would your employer be interested?

The best bet for reaching out, making sure we have plenty of freebies and plenty of techs is to get SafeKids involved. You want to plan at least a few months out, put up posters, maybe even do a radio spot with WFCR or 93.1. Then you can use the appointment scheduling line with Baystate, and it will be a "SafeKids event sponsored by XYZ".

Mandi really does not like to do Saturday events, and Thursday is a scheduled inspection date at the clinic all ready, so any other week day I think is better. I wouldn't do it before the end of May, to increase the odds of decent weather.

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