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I found out today my cousins girlfriend has been forward facing her 9-10 month old daughter. I told her she needed to RF the baby. Aside from that, here is the problem. In their pickup, the middle seat is very short front to back. I believe my classic MA would fit, footprint wise. However, she can't afford much. She said around $50 would be ideal, but she *might* be able to go up to $100. I know for sure the Scenera doesn't work RF or FF. I was thinking the Tribute? The sport version is on sale at Walmart.com for $35, which is the same as the Scenera. She isn't looking for it to last a long time. She'll FF the baby again at 12 months and booster her as soon as she can. I know that's ideal, but there is only so much talking I can do, and she's not interested. Something needs to be done soon though, because she's planning on using a board to prop the seat up now where it hangs over the edge. :eek:

So, how is the footprint of the Tribute? Any other budget options? I thought the MR might work, but it's out of her budget.


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How large is the footprint on the Guide65? I haven't seen it IRL, but isn't it supposed to be more compact, and under $100?


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Does the Titan have a base with the sticky-outey part in the front like the Scenera? I think that makes it harder to fit on the seat. You know what I mean? The front part?

I think the Comfortsport would work perfectly, but it's closer to the $100 end than the $50. Hmmmm.

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I''m not sure, I just vaguely remember seeing it recommended for puzzling so I assumed the base would be small :eek: It's a little over budget but it's $63 at amazon, and I've seen it cheaper on NBD recently.

[ame="http://www.amazon.com/Evenflo-Titan-Sport-Convertible-Willow/dp/B004GXA6LA"]Amazon.com: Evenflo Titan Sport Convertible Seat, Willow: Baby[/ame]

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I think it's similar to the scenera. Here's a comfortsport for $67. [ame="http://www.amazon.com/Graco-Comfort-Sport-Convertible-Cassia/dp/B004IEBP1W"]Amazon.com: Graco Comfort Sport Convertible Car Seat, Cassia: Baby[/ame] It's not super popular here but if you dont need it to last forever it's a good little seat. We had one and got a lot of use out of it with our short torsoed kids ;) It is pretty narrow.


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I had a Tribute and it had a really small footprint. It took up less room front to back than a Scenera and was way easier to install, especially more upright. We test drove a Chevy SS Trailblazer that had the tiny middle seat both width and depth wise (can't figure out why they make the middles seat indent like that) and it fit both RF and FF but FF was a little harder because the seat was wider than the width betweent he buckle stalks and I was not sure if that was okay. My MA70 also fit but that is obviously not an option for her.


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An Aurora said:
It needs to go in the middle? In a single cab pickup? Is there a driver's side air bag?

Good catch! If this is the case, it's not safe to transport the whole family in that vehicle. :(
Had to run up to Walmart to pick up wipes, so I snapped these pics on the way out for you :)

Guide65 left, Titan Sport right.

(they nail them to the shelves by the adjuster strap, so that's the best angle I could get)

Titan looked to have a smaller footprint.

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