I need a lightweight double, is there anything llike a mac but not tippy....


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With bags on it? I already have problems with my mountain buggy feeling tippy when reclined.

I have a baby jogger city select which will be great on trails and the park but took it yesterday to the mall and it was so big and bulky.

I need something with a high weight limit. Here are the kids stats. I usually only have 2 or 3 and wear the babies most of the time.

4 year old 47 lbs
2 years 3 months 31 lbs
20 months 34 lbs
4 months 15 lbs of so
and one being born next week but won't have her until fall.

I could also get a Mac and wear the backpack diaper bag and use smaller bags that will fit in the basket for extra stuff.



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I would probably look at the Valco Snap Dual, Valco Zee, BJCM double, or Cybex Twinyx (twin version of the onyx). I really wanted to get my hands on a Snap Dual, but ended up with the BJCM instead.


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I kinda dislike that the Snap Dual has one giant hood for both seats, but I guess that's part of the price for the weight.


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I could also get a Mac and wear the backpack diaper bag and use smaller bags that will fit in the basket for extra stuff.


That's what I do and it works for us :) I wish the Mac didn't tip but that's inevitable I think when you have a lightweight stroller... Here is the great [ame="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002TKM35Y/ref=oh_details_o08_s00_i00?ie=UTF8&psc=1"]backpack [/ame]that I got at Amazon. When my babies are in the stroller I can actually attached that backpack to the stroller :) HTH



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I did see that backpack when I was looking! I got a jujube berightback instead which also opens all the way and LOVE IT!

I was really hoping to find a used one, there are no Valcos or Cybex on craigslist here, and honestly I dislike my baby jogger city elite and it has turned me off baby jogger. St. Louis isn't a good market to buy high end strollers. :whistle:

I find a mac rally I liked on craigslist but it only goes to 45 lbs a seat and I weighted the 4 year old and he is 50 lbs now. I've used macs past the weight limit in the past, it didn't end well. ;)

I'm thinking my best bet is a techno off craigslist

This one is $200.

or a a triumpth off ebay for $210.


I have a techno single but used it very little and I honestly don't recall if it was less tippy than my older one or not. It was a minstrel, I think similar to the triumph.


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I only had a Mac Volvo single, as I have only one child, but I put a 2lb barbell in the basket under the foot prop and it totally solved my tipping problem with the MAC! The stroller didn't feel any different to push with the extra weight.


I have a Baby Planet UnitySport double that has a 55# weight capacity for each seat and is sort of lightweight (I think 27#?). I'm trying to sell it locally but would rather not deal with shipping, BUT maybe see if you can find one local to you? As far as I have been able to figure, they weren't sold in the US for very long, so they're somewhat unusual. If you google you can find a few reviews.

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