How safe is the radian in the outboard position?


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Ds is RFing in the radian in the center position. Due to my health issues it is becoming too hard to put him in the center. I saw a side impact crash test of a ffing radian and it terrified me. I know that real life crashes are different then the test and it was FFing but it still causes me anxiety. I'm trying to decide between 3 different scenarios:

1. Radian outboard which scares me.
2. Britax advocate outboard which I'm comfortable outboard but is very difficult also for me to put him in.
3. Frointer which I'm also comfortable in the outboard position and is very easy for me to put him in buy he would be FFing which I wasn't planning on doing yet.

I have a heart condition that gives me the same quality of life as someone who has congestive heart failure or chronic lung disease. It makes easy everyday activities much harder. I've been having a hard time with trying to pick which option because I feel like I'm making my son less safe for my own reasons. What would you do in my situation?


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How old is your son? Can you teach him to climb into the Radian himself? Mine could around 2 because of the low sides. Then you could sit beside him to buckle him.


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How old is your son? Can you teach him to climb into the Radian himself? Mine could around 2 because of the low sides. Then you could sit beside him to buckle him.

I forgot to write about that. I tried teaching him and he climbs over the seat to go in the front seat to drive. He turned 2, 2 weeks ago


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Yeah I was just going to say maybe he could climb into the RN by himself!

If that doesn't work, I would put the radian outboard and rear face since that would be easier for you than the advocate, but still much safer than forward facing at this age.


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Yeah that ^

I don't know how old he is but we have a Sequoia and for probably the last 4-6 months B has been able to climb into the truck and into the RN on his own. He is 31 months old. I just stand right behind him to make sure he doesn't fall backwards when he is climbing up the running board.


Given your choices, I would move his radian rear facing outboard. There is no way of knowing which seat is "safer" outboard, however they all pass the same minimum standards. I have my radian outboard and am totally ok with that. The outboard seating position is still safe. I would rather see him safely buckled in an outboard position than to see a mom struggle to get him in the middle. Having chronic health issues myself, I understand your dilemma. You are not making him less safe because of your issues, you are keeping him as safe as possible given your health situation.


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A RFing Radian in an outboard position is still significantly safer than a FFing seat -- any FFing seat -- in any seating position. RFing outboard in a low-profile Radian without headwings is still going to be safer than a wraparound seat with airbags, like a Frontier SICT. Rearfacing ALWAYS wins.

Center vs. outboard is a 40% difference in safety -- RF vs. FF is 532%. (The 32% seems so significant that we usually just say 500%, yet it's nearly the 40% safety difference in center vs outboard...)

I'm saying it like that not to be snippy, but to be factual and objective. Even if you "feel" like a big, bulky carseat around your child is safer, statistically he's safer RFing. He would even be safer rearfacing outboard in a Cosco Scenera than FFing in the center in a Frontier85SICT. It seems counterintuitive, but as far as statistics run, that's what we've got.

Hope that helps.


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I like the Radian a lot outboard. It's built like a tank and (our model) has great headwings. I wouldn't do the FF Frontier because the RF seat would be so much safer.

We have the Advocate too, and it is hard to get a child in, you're right. I love that seat, though.

I don't know about your specific medical condition but my back gave out big time and in desperation I bought the Orbit Toddler for my 15 month old. It was one of my better decisions. I'm also pregnant and it has helped so, so much. You simply swivel it to get child in, then swivel to RF. It's a deep seat, too. Though, it only RF to 35 lbs. It's got a TALL shell, though. Not sure how much your child weighs. It does go FF eventually and lasts a long time that way. (But you can't swivel it FF).

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