how many seats do you have for each child?


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I have 3 seats and 1 kid. I just bought a 4th for a friend's kid but it is not here yet so technically I have 4 seats.

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My "friend" has the following seats for his kids:

E, just turned 9

Clek Olli NBB in Dad's car
Cleck Olli NBB in Au Pair's car
Evenflo Amp NBB in my car
Evenflo Amp NBB in Grandma's car
Graco Turbo NBB in neighbor's car (for carpooling)
EXTRA-- Britax Kidfix HBB

K, just turned 7

Clek Oobr HBB in Dad's car
Britax Frontier harnessed in Au Pair's car
Recaro Vivo HBB in my car
Britax Parkway SGL in Grandma's car
Graco Turbo Booster HBB in neighbor's car (for carpooling)
EXTRA-- Britax Kidfix HBB, another British booster that I can't recall

L, just turned 4

Britax Frontier harnessed in Dad's car
Britax Frontier harnessed in Au Pair's car
SKJP Radian XT in my car
Graco Nautilus in Grandma's car
EXTRAS-- Britax Evolva 123, some other British seat I don't know

All three kids use seats in my car that I already own, so there were no additional purchases. They all have a lot of seats.

My sister's kids have:

R, age 6
Britax Regent in Mom's car
Graco Nautilus in Dad's car
Graco Nautilus in my car
Graco Nautilus in Nana's car
Cheapo booster in paternal grandparents' car

S, age 4
Britax Regent in Mom's car
Graco Nautilus in Dad's car
Sunshine Kids Radian in my car
Britax Boulevard in Nana's car
Cosco Scenera in paternal grandparents' car

My current collection (which is much smaller than it was even a few months ago!):

Britax Parkway SG
Recaro Vivo
Evenflo Amp
Graco Nautilus
Sunshine Kids Radian XT
Sunshine Kids Radian 80
First Years True Fit
First Years Via


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None for my teenagers (though I would if I could :cool:).
Leah has... 7? Something like that. A lot of nbb's that just float randomly around the garage. And one of her seats is mostly used by the 4 yo we watch a lot (he LIKES the pink Frontier, it's adorable!)
Technically too many... :eek:


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Cam has three Complete Airs (dad's and both grandmas' cars), one Regent (my car) and a Maestro (aunt's car). It's so much easier having a seat in each car than trying to move seats around.


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I have one child who is car seat age. She has 5 car seats. We have three cars, only two of which she rides in on a regular basis. Um. Yeah. To be fair, at least one of those seats will probably be given to DH's grandson when he outgrows his infant seat.

I also have her infant seat which I'm saving for a potential one-last-baby. And three bases.

I also have one high-back booster and one FR85. The booster will likely expire before she ever uses it, but she might use the FR85 someday. I have them on hand for DH's granddaughter.

And, I have a car seat (Radian RXT) for sale at my local consignment shop which hasn't sold yet, and another one for sale on CL (Onboard 35) which is sitting on my covered porch in the box. And one no-back booster which is is a give-away seat.


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Most of them have 3 seats (one for each of our cars and a spare)
M and K each have a cruz and 2 literiders, M has a nbtb that she keeps in a friend's car
J has a maestro, a hbtb, and a literider
I has 2 radians and a maestro
E has a radian, a scenera, and a myride
I also have an extra nbtb and a few seats that used to have a purpose that are just sitting in the garage now (2 montereys, 2 nautilus, an apex, a compass booster, a radian, and a frontier for my mom's car with no headrests). Some of them might be used again once dh gets his new car (replacing his little saturn with an expedition yay)

If you ride in all 4 cars often enough to have a seat installed then no you don't have too many. I like to have one seat in each car they ride in at least weekly, plus a spare. So if they rode with a grandparent a lot, they would keep a seat there.


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Each of my children have one seat they ride in "all the time".
And then I have two backless boosters, 1 backed booster and a convertible up to 50 pounds available as spares in the garage.


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We have four kids and five seats. We only have one car and I don't mind re-installing so we just have one seat for each kid plus the radian which ds2 will ride in once he gets to big for the infant bucket.

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I had a lot but now the 5-year-old fits in nothing except the Radian or Prosport that we have, both FF. We have some boosters on hand but I've never used them.

The 4-year-old too outgrew the Sceneras (well she's 39.5 lbs.) So just a Maestro I guess.

And the 2-year-old (almost 3) has no RF options in our Civic. He outgrew.

And the baby outgrew the Chaperone by height, but he has Sceneras.


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I have 6 kids and many of them can share car seats. I have 4 convertible seats, so 4 that the baby can ride in. I have 5 (including the 4 convertibles) ffing harnessed seats that two of my kids (5 and 7 yos) can ride in and one of those is the only one my 9 yo fits in. I own 4 high back boosters. My 12 yo can still fit in the one that can be a backless. The other 4 kids fit in all of the hbbs. I own 5 backless boosters, which only 2 of my kids are allowed to ride in. (I use them more for other people's kids.) I own one small and one large rstv, which 5 of my kids fit in, though the oldest may soon be too big.

That all adds up to 16 child restraints. I have 6 kids.

1 seat expires soon and the other I am trying to sell.

We have 6 seats in the van that the kids use regularly. (At least until I change something.) I keep a harnessed seat and a booster in the car most of the time. Sometimes I change out the harnessed seat for a booster. We use the appropriate rstv to fit 3 across the car. The rest of the boosters are for getting rides or for transporting extra, booster aged kids.
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Pretty sure I have the least amount lol...

We are using 2 FR85's and I have a Marathon and a Graco Safeseat in the basement not being used (almost expired :( )

My parents have a Harmony booster for her when she visits..she uses it in the middle back seat of their Tundra--She is tall and it fits her quite well for the very few times they have to drive her anywhere.

That concludes our collection lol ...very small!


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One of these days, DH and I might be brave enough to take all four grandkids at the same time, but then that would require having to borrow my brother's Sienna so we could all get in the same vehicle!

Do you not have the fold away third row? :)

Anyway, I have 3 kids. They each have a seat in each of our two cars (that's 6), then a seat in my parent's car (3+6 = 9). M also has one of my seats in her sitter's car (9+1=10). In my garage I have a combination seat and a booster. (10+2=12) and one convertible (12+1=13). If I were superstitious, 13 is an unlucky number. Luckily one of the seats is my friend's so 13-1=12. But wait! I also have an RSTV that hasn't been accounted for in the other counts. So 12+1=13. I guess I have 13 seats for 3 kids.

The baby can ride in 4 of those seats, and the boys have outgrown all of those seats. The boys can both ride in all of the other seats, although I would have to convert the Frontier for A to ride in it. If zombies were attacking the earth and we had to flee, the baby could also ride in one more of the seats.


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I have 4, soon to be 5 kids, but they often share seats, few have dedicated seats.

AJ can fit in the Air Protect, backess Big Kid, PWSG, backless FPSV Booster (about to expire), and backless GN I guess but we don't use it.

Evan can fit in the Air Protect, Big Kid, PWSG, FPSV Booster, GN (harnessed), and we have a pink Maestro and Radian (both harnessed) he could fit in, but won't go near, lol.

Ilana can fit in everything listed so far plus barely the MR65.

Olivia can fit in the Maestro, Radian, MR65, GN, and Avenue.

Baby has a Coccoro and a SS1 if we need it.


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Wow. We have two kids and three seats. Just sold the infant seat to a friend, so we did have a seat for each kid in each car. Just rearranged so now we have 6.5 yo harnessed in a tn and the almost 2 yo rf in a mr65. The spare is a truefit. It will be ff in dh's car for the older one and if he needs to transport both kids we will just trade vehicles. I like having an extra convertible because with adjustment I can take a baby or one of dd1's friends. Although they have all been in boosters for 1-2 years.


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I have 3 kids and 8 seats. 5 convertibles and 3 boosters. 2 RN in my car right now, 1 ProRide in their dad's car, one ProRide in my living room, one OnSide Air at a friends, backless TB not being used, and olli and Monterey in my car.


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We've downsized a lot in this house. My 13 mo old has a KF that she just recently outgrew, a CCO, and a RA50. My soon to be 5 yr old has a FN85, CA50, Maxi Cosi Rodi, and a Recaro Vivo


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I have 3 convertibles and 5 boosters currently (for 2 kids). I do NOT need that many. 2 of the convertibles aren't even being used and I think 2 of the boosters are not being used. I tell myself it's ok to have back-ups because you never know what you'll need. So far, I only have use for one "extra" booster for when one of Adrian's friends ride with us.

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