how many seats do you have for each child?


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We have 5 kids, each has 2 seats. A set for each of DH & I's vehicle.

My oldest son has a parkway in each vehicle.
3 & 2 year old each have a radian in each vehicle.
Twins(8 months old) each have Boulevards in each vehicle.

So that's 10 seats plus we have a few extras laying around but don't use those. I need to give those away.


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Katy has 3: FR85 as her main, Nauti as her backup, literider for emergency use.

Luci has 1: SS1, soon to be 2 though once I add her CCO. Then the CCO will be her main and the SS1 her backup.


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Not counting the ones I'm trying to sell....

3 for Caleb - 2 RNXT's and a BLVD - my car, my suburban, my mom's vehicle

3 for Kaleigh Grace - FR85, Probooster, Cowmoo PW - Harness and booster for suburban depending on the length of the trip, PWSGL for Civic

3 for Abigail - PWSGL, TB, LR - PW main seat, TB and LR spares depending on where she's riding

2 for Gabriel - PWSGL, Cruz - Only have the cruz because I bought it before the PW, and it wasn't padded enough for him and it's not worth selling

So that's 11 for 4 kids that use seats. :)

And the two I'm trying to sell... R120 because the harness guides next to the older kids' heads that sit next to it worry me and a Hannah Probooster I scored on NBD then found out a Riley cover for it would be another $80 when I could get a new Riley PB for $88. Yes, DD has to have Riley. Lol!


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Here on CSO, you can NEVER have too many seats!:p

Ask DH, and he'll say you just need 1 seat per child (which would be EFTAs only because he loves them so much):p.

That being said, I have 2 great children, 2 great cars and 7 great seats. :D

4 seats are permanently installed (2 EFTAs in DH's car, GN & BLVD 70 in my car) and 3 seats (MR, FR85 and Advocate 70--will be here today) are floating around in CSO land:)

Equates to 3.5 seats/child:)
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DS has 2 (Via and Scenera). He mainly uses the Via and the Scenera is currently sitting in his bedroom, but I have popped it into other vehicles from time to time ... I want to install it in DH's car but haven't gotten around to it yet.
DD has 4 currently (2 backless turboboosters-one in my car and one for my sister's car, a harmony youth booster-for my mom's car, although she RARELY drives with my mom since my mom lives in Ireland 90% of the time so it is currently living in my front closet, and a cosco high rise backless booster in DH's car)

I at least finally disposed of a bunch of expired/crashed seats that I had stock piled..


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Zoey 51/2 has 2 nautilus, 1 turbo(crashed), 1 lbb from before i knew better non expired and a probooster on the way
Taylor 1 1/2 has 2 myrides and a handed down non expired scenera from zoey and i wanna get her a new seat too


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Ds is 7, dd is 3, new one coming in October. We have one vehicle.

boosters (4)- Monterey as main seat, Literider for friends' vehicles, Chicco Strada that I keep for if I need to put another kid in my 3rd row because the shoulder belts don't give a great fit without a high back, Bubblebum for travel and tight spaces.

harnessed (2) - RA55 as main seat, Radian 80 for putting in friends' vehicles, or having friends in ours.

infant (1) - Cybex Aton. :love:


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DS1- (6yrs) has 2 Graco Nautilus, and 1 Turbo as backup
DS2- has 1 graco MR65, and a Radian :) I need a backup for him


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Ds1- 2 Cosco Ambassador nbbs
Ds2-Vivo (shared with daycare kid,) PWSG, Monterey, Compass B540, HB Turbo Booster, Ambassador
Ds3-MA70, MR, TFP, Maestro, CarGo (shared with daycare kid but goes in my mom's car when needed)

My daycare kids ride in a Scenera, the CarGo and the Vivo. Ds2 uses the Ambassador when dc kid is in his Vivo which is his main seat in my van.
We have my van, dh's car and our truck, plus they ride with my mom and dh's parents enough to have seats in their cars. And then I have 2 backless Evenflo Big Kids as spares.


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We don't have kids yet, so I can't comment on how many. But I think the right number of seats is what works for your family. For us, the ideal number would be two (one for each of our cars) and one spare. If hypothetical child was riding with others on a regular basis there might be a need for more.

Cryssy Jane

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monkey rides in a fr85 in dad's car, a prosport in mom's car and either a prosport or nauti in my car and a myride in grandma's car.

daycare kiddos ride in 1 cco, 2 rn 80sls, 1 rxt and either the prosport or nauti


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Summer and Leah both have Prosports, and Frontier 85s.
Leah rides in a Maestro for when we travel.
Summer rides in a Graco HBB. I am about to order a secure kids 400 for her. She hasn't been riding in her booster well recently.
Eryn who isn't even here yet has a Cco, and a Chaperone.
I may order Leah a RXT, we will see. She expressed a want to rear face, so I may try her in one. If she like it will order one, and once she out grows it, use it for Eryn when she is a little older.
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DS has 3 seats...2 MR65s & a Nautilus. (Though one of my MR65s is on loan to a friend right now.)

ETA: I almost forgot...technically he has 4 seats. He's also got a TF at grandma & grandpa's.

The newbie will have one, for the moment, lol. I'm terribly tempted to buy another because I want to try a different bucket, but I'm trying to be a good girl and save my money. :D
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I have four sets for each kid. Three have vehicles they reside in and use at least two times a week (mine, DH and IL's) the fourth set is a back up and/or for extra kids.

So we have 9 seats that are regularly used.
DD1 (8)- Three boosters- two NBB (Big Kid and TurboBooster), one HBB (Big Kid)
DS (5)- A ProSport, two HBB (Vivo and Big Kid)
DD2 (20mon)- Radian XTSL, Marathon 70, Classic Marathon

And then their back up seats, used probably 2-4 times monthly, depending on if they ride with friends, or my mom babysits, or my DH forgets his car seats in his car at work and has a rental (has happened WAY more than once), or I babysit for someone. They are two extra HBB (Big Kids) and a MyRide.

I also have a Regent we no longer use with a year and a half of life left and a Keyfit 30 with two bases that the new baby will use.

Let's see, that makes 14 seats total, plus an extra Keyfit base. Two of my Big Kids expire this year and I will likely be replacing them with backless Amps.


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DD#1 - Regent, Frontier, Frontier 85, ProBooster, Kiddy World Plus
DD#2 - Advocate 70 CS, Radian XTSL, True Fit Premier, Boulevard 70, and I have an original Boulevard sitting around that isn't expired :D


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I currently have 7 seats for 4 kids.

Monterey, Parkway SGL, Radian 65SL, and My Ride in the van - which is their primary ride.

There are two Turbos - one high back and one backless that live in my husband's Lexus for my older two to use whenever they ride in his car.

I have a Radian 65 in the basement that the younger two can use as needed in my husband's car or in my parent's (they also have several boosters they use when they have my older two kids) or when we fly.

Up until a month ago we had an EFTA that also lived in the basement. I liked having a second set of seats for each of the kiddos, but I had a friend who needed a seat and was open to ERF'ing her youngest, so I gave it to her. We can't put all 4 kids in my husband's car at one time anyway, and if we ever need another seat in an emergency, we can always go buy one.


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I have one child and three seats.
FR85 in my car where she primarily rides
Maestro is her dads Jeep
Symphony65 as a spare that my mom uses when she is here in the winter

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