how many seats do you have for each child?


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Ive been told i have too many seats but i think its just what we need. the girls ride in 6 cars depending on day/time/whats going on.

Currently Breanna has a 2 recaro vivo, 2 parkways, a turbooster, and a evenflo big kid.

Emilee has a nautilus, 2 true fits, recaro como, and a scenera.

Ella has a sr35 with three bases and a keyfit with one base.

My only non used seat is a clek oto and a evenflo amp to use when i had exta preschool kids.

Is this too many seats? how many does each of your kids have?


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We have two kids. They regularly ride in 3 cars, occasionally a 4th. They each have three seats, plus I have one seat in the 4th car that either can ride in (the only seat dd can FF in). So two kids, seven seats. And an RSTV. Now once I start buying seats for the new baby......


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My boys are only regularly in 2 cars, and one boy occasional in one other car.

My older has a BLVD, TF, and FR85 - and MIL has a Tribute for her car.

Baby has a Diplomat, CCO and Shuttle33.


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My husband drops off at daycare while I pick up, and we each have a Boulevard 70 in our cars. So we have two car seats for one kid. I've considered getting a Scenera or other less-expensive seat as a backup for emergencies, but my FIL has a Symphony and my parents have a Marathon 70 which we could borrow in a pinch.

We have a currently-unused Chicco Keyfit as our infant seat.


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DD2 has 3 currently, though I am thinking about selling 2 of them and getting something different. Then she would have 2.

For the big 2 I currently have 9 boosters. DD1 has outgrown all but one of the highbacks though, so she has 6 boosters she can use. I generally stick with the couple that are in the car now, unless I have an extra kid or two then I swap as needed.

I also have a Frontier85 sitting in the basement with no love. My tiny almost 3 year old doesn't even come close to fitting in it, even if I wanted to have her forward facing. DS doesn't need to be harnessed, though he still fits. I suppose I could use it as a booster but I really don't love it as a booster...


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Installed right now, DS1 has a Radian and a Nautilus and DS2 has a Radian and a My Ride. We also own a Monterey and a Maestro, both of which only DS1 can use.


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Too many for 2 kids, that's for sure. :eek:

Most of my seats are convertibles, so they'd work for either kid. I have 7 convertibles, 1 combo, 3 boosters, 2 infant seats. This past week, I realized how ridiculous it was, so I'm figuring out what I can sell, so that I only have a set of seats in my car(Oobr and RN), a set in my husband's car(FR and RA55), and an extra set for the Grandmas' cars(Vivo and RA50). After that, I should have about 4-5 seats I can get rid of. I realized it's silly for me to have perfectly good car seats just collecting dust and getting closer to expiration going unused in my basement. So hopefully, I'll get my act together this week and list them on CL, because it seems a bit ridiculous and excessive to have so many extra seats hanging around.


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DD2 (22 months) has three convertibles (true fit, myride, RA50). Two are in use. We also have a Keyfit and two bases left over from.her baby days.

DD1 has one HB booster (Monterey) in the basement for long trips. And more backless boosters than I care to admit (Amp, LiteRider x 2, Cruz, Turbo, Top Side). She uses a LiteRider and a Cruz on a regular basis.

My kids almost exclusively ride with my husband and I, though. So I think 3 seats a kid would be ideal in our situation. Backless boosters are cheap...that's the problem.


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I have 2 kids & 6 seats. In my vehicle DD is in a FR85 & DS is in a MA70. Then we have a nautilus for DD & an EFTA for DS that my husband switches between his vehicles. Then we have a tribute for DS & a HBTB for DD that they use on our Polaris ranger. I want a radian for DS for my vehicle, but DH thinks we already have too many seats, lol


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I purposely try not to have extra seats. We just don't have the room.

I have three kids, and I have seats installed for each of them in both of our cars (so that's 6).

I have a BubbleBum and a Go in case we fly somewhere, and a spare Turbo because I haven't gotten around to not having it. So it looks like 9 total.


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I have 3 kids and they only ever ride in our van or one at a time in dh's truck. In our van, the girls each have a high back turbo. Ds has a radian. We have one radian in dh's truck that any of the kids ride in, or ds uses if I'm washing his cover. We also have a high back turbo in a closet inside that I got once on sale as a back up/for emergencies, we rarely use it. We also have a literider that I got for transporting friends in the van. Dd1 sometimes rides in it.

So that is 3 kids and 6 seats.


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I have one kid that needs a seat. I have 9 seats for him. One for my car, one for my husbands, one for my son's car, one for my sister's car, one for school, one for the emergency pick up for school. Then I just have some extras just in case something comes up.


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In my car I have a radian, literider, and parkway. DH doesn't keep seats in his car but in our off road Jeep we have 2 turbos and a scenera. In the closet :eek:, I have a maestro, frontier and nautilus. Trying to get rid of the Frontier and the maestro might go to my sister if she needs it. I'm keeping the nautilus as a spare since technically all 3 of the kids can fit in it.

ETA: that's 2 for each I guess if the ones I'm getting rid of don't count. Not sure how to put the nautilus in there, lol


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1 kid, 7 seats, need one more!

Uptown in Dh's truck
CA in dh's Jeep
RN in my mother's car
Go in my Mustang
RN in my Freestyle
ProSport in my third row for a friend's kid
TF in friend's car for dd

Need: another seat for my third row for friend's other kid


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Recently scaled back on ours, 3 kids, each have a permanently installed seat in both car. One extra booster for friends. Big step for me!


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I own eight seats for the 7 kids that may ride in my vehicle. Right now I have the FR85 and Graco Argos installed in my vehicle, mostly for Nour and Zain, my most frequent kid passengers.

I also have a RN RXT, TFP, MR, PWSG, TB, and a Monterey (in Nour & Zain's mom's van, to use for their cousin). If Nour & Zain's cousin ends up coming with us, then I have to install the RN rear facing for Nour, and the TB along with the Argos, in order to do a 3 across that works. If I have Ethan & Chase, I need to take the Argos out and replace with one of the convertibles since Chase is still RF. If I have Katelyn & Owen, I use two of the convertibles, RF, though they are turning 3 next month, so I could also use the FR85 and Argos for them. They have been riding FF in their parents' vehicles in a pair of MR's for months now anyway.

One of these days, DH and I might be brave enough to take all four grandkids at the same time, but then that would require having to borrow my brother's Sienna so we could all get in the same vehicle!

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