how do you really feel about rebound vs ARB?


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The title says it all! I am personally an ARB fan and it makes sense to both me & dh, but wondering what everyone else thinks. The importance of it is currently a big debate at our house because the only seat left besides importing to keep ds rf will not have ARB :(


I only care in my truck, that has a window, and no head rests to face plant into. Other than that vehicle, I play around, and switch between ARB and non all the time.


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It's not a must have, but I do prefer it. I use seats that do not have that feature and I am comfortable with that. If it were a choice between importing or a legal seat that didn't have rebound control, I would go with the latter. But, take that as you will, in general, I'm not one to encourage importing seats.


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I like to have it for older RFs in the primary vehicle. But it's not a deal breaker. I won't port a seat. So if it's a choice between ff and rf without rebound control, rf still wins.


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I want it whenever possible. Tether, ARB, or handle up in infant seat, whatever, as long as there is some form. I would rather rf without it than ff, though. If the otherwise best seat didn't have it, I'd use it, but long for it.

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It's a must for DH's truck. I like it in the van since we have the head rest DVD players flipped backwards for them to watch.


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I do like to have anti rebound feature. I think the anti rebound bar like the true fit has, or the Peg convertible in Canada is the best way to go and I wish all manufacturers would offer that! It's so nice to just be able to flip it forward and not have to worry about finding something to wrap the D-ring around, etc etc.

But I also use seats that have no anti rebound control if they work well in my car and I like them.


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I'm curious what seats you're considering. :)
Strongly considering the S4M for ds in grandma's car. From what I understand it's the only seat that will really buy him much more rf time after he outgrows the xtsl. I'm still open to suggestions if there's other good options available! Grandma would buy the foonf but that wouldn't be much more height than another radian, correct? Plus I'm not sure how I feel about how high the seat sits up.
I agree that more companies should offer some kind of ARB feature for those of us who do use it! Judging from what you've all said so far though, I'm guessing you'd keep ds (3yr 3mo/33 lbs) rf with no ARB rather than turn him ff. I was kind of thinking going ff but it would go against all my original thoughts on rf!


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Strongly considering the S4M for ds in grandma's car.
Just wondering if grandma has tried the S4Me's buckle. It can be hard to use for some--not grandparent-friendly.

ETA: The S4Me is the same as this My Size 70 if a BRU is easier to get to. They also have Headwise 70s at the Targets near me which have the same long RF time but supposedly more head protection.
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Just wondering if grandma has tried the S4Me's buckle. It can be hard to use for some--not grandparent-friendly.
I agree. Our youngish, fit grandma, who works full time in a medical career where she uses her hands a lot, cannot use the buckle on our Nautilus. She has trouble fastening and undoing it.


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Oh, I forgot to add, while grandma is there make sure she can get the last bit of slack out of the harness while your son is in the seat and the seat is installed in the car. That has also been a problem for some in case you haven't heard.

Didn't mean to hijack the thread about the importance of anti-rebound. Just didn't want to OP to agonize over this seat if it wasn't going to work for the primary user.


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I owned the S4M70 for a bit. I agree that the buckle is difficult. I did love the seat, though, and was sad to see it go.

I am usually, probably a little too, concerned with having some sort of rebound control. Weather that be in the form of a bar, RF tether, or infant handle up. But I was happy to use the S4M in my Ody b/c I couldn't get the thing to rebound if I tried. The way the base fit in and installed in my seats was amazing. (and with my van, that says alot. My seats do not like to play well with some carseats out there)

So if grandma can use the buckle, I, personally, wouldn't worry too much about the s4m rebounding. The base on that thing made rebound for me a non-issue while it was installed in my van. Like I said, after I installed it a pushed on the back of it to try to make it rebound and I couldn't get it to much more than 1 inch. I was very comfortable with it.

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