How can I improve this 3-across set up??


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I was vacuuming the beach out of our car this weekend, and decided to see how our 3 boys would do fitting across the 3rd row of our '03 Pilot. Here's a picture of them. I'm not exactly comfortable with it yet, but maybe it could be an option soon? What needs to change to make this workable?

The boys are:
DS1 - almost 9yo (in the middle) 56 lbs. No booster in this picture.
DS2 - almost 8yo (on the right) 54 lbs. Harmony Lite Rider
DS3 - 6.5yo (on the left) 44lbs. Monterey backless.

Wierd criss cross action of the belts. The belts are supposed to do this, but it still is wierd to me.

The center shoulder belt is a little far forward, doesn't touch the child's shoulder. My hand is marking the spot where it touches his chest, and from there on up there is a space between shoulder and belt. At the worst point it is an inch or so.

Again, this isn't the way my kids usually ride, but I'd like to figure out a 3 across back there, as we plan to adopt an infant or an infant + toddler soon.


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I would try the boostered child in the middle. I don't have a lot of love for that seat but it should be better with a booster than without.

Also, I have enormous love for putting RFers in the 3rd row and hatch-loading them. That may be an option for your adoptee.


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Is there an ultra skinny booster I could try in the middle? We did experiment with that, but it puts two boosters side by side which of course increases the buckling difficulties.


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If I'm not mistaken the literider is about as skinny as it gets, the Cosco topsider is narrow but the belt routing is really odd. I would put two light riders (middle and drivers side) so their buckles won't be side by side. The kid on the drivers side will have to buckle between, but at least you won't have both boosters buckling between each other.


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The Bubble Bum is the narrowest booster. I don't know how comfortable it would be for everyday use though. Could a vest be an option?


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I'd love to see a picture after switching DS1 and DS3. Mostly because I'm curious if the belt fit is better for your DS1 in that position. Maybe trading the Monterey for another Lite Rider would help?

Handsome boys!!


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I could be wrong, but I don't think you'll fit two boosters side-by-side on the drivers/center. I think FFing MR and FPSVB (both narrower than any booster on the market) was the only FFing thing I was able to fit there, and I think I did FFing RN/FFing MR but I'm not honestly sure it was independently tight. I was at "do the best you can" for that setup.


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I could be wrong, but I don't think you'll fit two boosters side-by-side on the drivers/center.

I have a 2012 Pilot but I can not get 2 literiders side by side drivers/center. The center seat is very narrow and even one literider doesn't fit there. I recently ordered a bubblebum for travel but I intend to try it out there, in case I even encounter a situation where I would need to use that seat.


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I had the fp booster and it wasn't that thin- 15 inches and it was bulky at the arm rests. The bubblebum is only 13 inches. I have no idea how the backseat compares, but in my sienna 3rd row I can fit the nania booster (14.5 inches) drivers side and the literider middle. The kids can even buckle!


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In my Pilot the space between the center buckle stalks is right about 13 inches, if you measure from where the shoulder belt connects to the female end. It does cross over with the driver's side seatbelt so I would want to make sure the booster/carseat doesn't interfere with that belt (it didn't with the couple of set ups I tried).


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That set up is perfectly OK honestly. The fit, on all three boys is really good. Even the space in the shoulder belt in the center isn't a problem (it needs to be in contact with the center of his chest, and it is) unless he falls asleep and leans sideways.

I, ahemmm, *might* have attached a backless booster shoulder belt adjuster strap to the Center seat LATCH anchor in my Oddy to help the ceiling mounted belt be more comfortable and to help it stay in place while my kiddo sleeps. I *possibly* got the idea from Jools.

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