Hope Car Bed with link to fb album


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ok just came back from doing my first Hope for an actual child (had installed it before but only for practice)

for 7 lb child with Gastroschisis (intestines and liver outside the body)

first Bill (another fantastic CPST-I with SN training too) and i went up to the nicu and met with the family, there were some questions how best to transport the child so we called Merritt for some further info, Was able to actually talk to Shane Merrett who was very helpful and personable.

Bed went in to a early 2000's suburu forester ( i know! it had to be a suburu didn't it!)

installed passenger and center with two lap shoulder belts, passenger side belt retractor forward of the seat, and center from the roof through belt guide.
we ended up using a LC on the passenger belt, although afterward we both agreed that it was not much of an improvement over locking the belt, and locked the retractor for the center. we did use the foam wedge to level it, and both rf tethers. the installation was rock solid!:thumbsup:

(rf tethers are not mandatory but strongly recommended)
I STRONGLY preferred the install with them :twocents:

also per shane merrett using rolled blankets next to the head is not recommended.

I may be returning next week to do a side-lieing Hope

link to fb album with pics it should be public so you can see it if you don't have a FB or aren't my friend

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Thank you for sharing this, I was interested in how the Hope Car Bed works. What will the parents have to do when the baby is 10 lbs?


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the great thing about the hope is that is is useable to 35 lbs just with different accessories. It is the bag and cumberbund that is only rated to 10 lbs.

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Click here for some more info.

We have bought several for our kids with spinal muscular atrophy. I've seen them in person but have yet to install. They are a much better option than the traditional cosco car beds. These will last much longer! :thumbsup:


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yes, the bag and cumberbund some in small and large, and also in side facing small and large.
the three point harness can also be used instead of the bag from 10-35 lbs


The HOPE car bed comes with a small restraint bag and small cummerbund rated 4.5 to 10 pounds and a 3-point harness and large cummerbund rated 10 to 35 pounds.

You can also purchase a large restraint bag and cummerbund rated 10 to 35 pounds.

A small side facing restraint bag rated 4.5 to 10 pounds and a large side facing restraint bag rated 10 to 35 pounds is also available.

More information can be found at www.eztether.com


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Thanks - great pictorial. Its very similar to the old Snugseat carbed, but with some great upgraded features. It is a much-needed resource for kids with certain needs.


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Thanks for the info and pictures. Looks like a great seat. May I ask: When you guys are using/installing this bed are you doing it through a loaner program? Or is insurance actually paying for these (ha ha)?


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That's awesome! I'm on fb but it kept taking me to my newsfeed , not ur pics. I looked it up and asked them about it for use with my daughter following a surgery to remove metal hardware from her pelvis & femurs. Since u have seen it in person, what do you think of it being used for a 29.5 lb, 35" toddler (it says 29" or longer if knees can be bent). Would there be any options for car restraint? I'm afraid of a 5 pt harness over fresh incisions!


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Mikeswife, usually the best option would be rear facing. You need to talk to the doctor(s) about what the safest way to transport the child after surgery will be.

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