Question Highback booster compatible with 2014 Honda CR-V?


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I posted a couple weeks ago about my new Britax Highpoint being incompatible with my 2014 Honda CR-V. The problem is that the rear outboard vehicle seat headrests do not come off or adjust, and they incline forward slightly; this is explicitly not allowed by the Highpoint. Since I'll have to return it, I've been looking into whether there are any seats that are compatible, and it's not easy! The Highpoint, the Chicco Kidfit, and the Graco Affix all explicitly say in the manual that the if the vehicle headrest pushes the booster forward or causes a gap between the seat and the booster, they are not compatible. Which quite frankly, seems very reasonable-- who gave the Honda designers the bright idea to use a vehicle headrest that leans forward and can't be removed?!?

I'd rather not replace my car over this. I've so far found one seat, the Clek Oobr, that possibly is not incompatible with my car; I have an email in to their safety experts team. But honestly, in addition to not wanting to spend $200-$300 on a booster, I don't love the reviews I'm seeing about the Oobr-- not so cushy, and short seat pan cuts into thighs. I also don't love that it looks like it's from outer space, but that I could live with if it were compatible and comfortable.

Any other ideas? I couldn't get a straight answer so far about the Evenflo Spectrum, but it doesn't have LATCH; maybe I'm being too picky, but do I really want to have to buckle it in every time my daughter's not in the car? That seems unnecessarily annoying.

(By the way, I'm waiting to hear from my mechanic about whether I might be able to temporarily remove the headrests; I'd rather not alter the vehicle permanently, but if they could be replaced later, that could be an option.)

My daughter is 6.5 years old, 46" tall, and 45lbs.

Thank you!


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I am so sorry this is still giving you so much trouble! It is maddening when the vehicle company is trying to keep adults safe but makes it harder to keep kids safe! If your daughter is mature enough, you could try a backless booster, but I know that is a hard jump to make. I hope your mechanic comes through for you!


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Thanks, Reta! It's crazy, right? Especially Honda, which is famous for its safety standards, and is also so widely used, and especially by families! I suspect that Honda has no idea that their design is making it very difficult to get a safe fit for so many kids! I'm definitely going to check with my mechanic, because if the headrest can be removed without too much trouble, that would probably be the best option.



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I have similar headrests in both of my cars (third row Honda Pilot and Subaru Forester). The Graco Nautilus fits well with the headrests on. The Evenflo amp also works with the headrest on as well. The Graco TurboBooster lx works at some headrest settings too.

If you end up not being able to take off the headrest and none of these highback boosters work for you, then I would try a backless instead. My 6 year old is similarly sized and she fits well in the backless TurboBooster and harmony youth booster.


What did you end up finding out about removing your headrest or another booster? We are having the same issues. I just tried to install our Highpoint and couldn't believe the headrests aren't removable.


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I would contact the dealer about whether they can be removed.

I believe I just answered another thread from you about possible boosters to work.

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