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So I am in the market for some new seats...and I have too many choices!! Please help me narrow it down!!

The seats are mainly for my niece and nephew.

Niece (E) just turned 4. She weighs 35 lbs and is leggy. She just turned FF recently. She still fits in a scerena, just barely needing the top harness slots.

Nephew (M) is 17 months. He weighs 25 lbs and is RR, and will for atleast another year. If he doesn't develop the car sickness stuff, he will RR til he grows too big.

Im looking to have 2 seats for each of them. I'd like at least one seat per child to be on the lightweight side as they do get moved into many cars. The main cars they go in are a toyota sienna and mini cooper countryman (4 door, biggest model mini).

Currently I have a cosco scenera, graco smartseat and graco argos.

The smartseat doesn't fit in the mini cooper. I have done road trips in the mini with a graco nauti for E and cosco scenera RF for M... and now I have the argos to replace the nauti. This combo does well in the mini..

The mini van gets the smartseat .. I often put just the smart seat in the van bc it can be easily switched to fit each kid.. and its pretty normal for only one of them to be in the van at a time.

So my issue is.. I don't know if I should get another RF seat, and use that seat plus the smartseat (FF for E) in the van...

or should I get a lightweight FF combo seat for E, use the new seat in the mini and the argos in the van. (This puts M in the scenera in the mini and RF in the smartseat in the van.)

So.. what light weight combo seats would you get? Or what light weight convertible? Price isn't a huge issue.. but I don't need to spend hundreds. I'm lookin for light weight and easy..

i often end up getting seats I find on a super good sale/clearance. Usually I am not in a time crunch and can wait for a sale. Currently.. I could wait.. but Id like to have a more narrowed list to be looking for.

Seats Im considering-

1) evenflo secure kids
2) evenflo meastro (doesn't really float my boat, but I'm not sure why. Does it make a decent booster?)
3) baby trend hybrid 3 in 1
4)evenflo evolve 3 in 1
If i get a combo seat, I'd want it to work well for M as well (when he is older of course)..and he is a short chunky boy while E is a lanky skinny girl.

1) evenflo sureride
2) cosco APT 50
3) Evenflo smyphony
4) safety first go and grow 3 in 1.

I'd prefer it to be a non rethread harness and light weight. I don't want another "beast" of a seat, and since I often have to install the seats before being with the kids, or I pick them up on the side of a busy NYC street, or at an airport. Being able to adjust the harnesses without uninstalling the seats is very very nice.

sooo.. what would ya'll do?

thanks for any suggestions!


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I'd try the Maestro or SecureKid. Although if you want no re-thread, the closest you can get to lightweight is the Contender and I'm not sure how that would work in the tiny car.


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I'd try the Maestro or SecureKid. Although if you want no re-thread, the closest you can get to lightweight is the Contender and I'm not sure how that would work in the tiny car.

Ya...I am leaning towards the secure kid...I think if it had a no rethread strap adjustment and strap cover/pads, id be allllll over it. Thanks for the input!

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