Help!! need to replace 8 seats!


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SO yesterday on our way to pick apples our van was rear-ended by a drunk driver :mad: and the impact shoved us into our nanny's car in front of us. I had four seats installed in each car, so in a matter of seconds i lost 8 seats ::eek:

so here is what i am replacing
a borrowed Fr85
a radian 80
a signoG2
a marathon
a borrowed RSTV
2 Avenues

The Fr85 and the RSTV will need to be replaced with the same,
but that still leaves me with 6 seats
those seats are for my 2 yo twins and 3 yo niece.

I need to stay in the same price range, and they need to be ERF friendly.
Any ideas?
Well, crap. I don't know. Just glad to hear you are all okay! Any details?

Can you find more avenues? deals on radians? What about myrides, or evenflo triumph 65s? Or complete airs?


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I hope everyone was ok.

So, we're replacing a Marathon, Signo G2, Radian 80, and 2 Avenues. Are the twins or niece rear facing or forward facing? How much do they weigh?

Marathon $280ish
Signo G2.... how much do they cost? $250?
Radian 80 $270
2 Avenues $80, $80
Total for new seats: $960

Do you not want to replace with the same seats? Want to try something new, or is there something you didn't like about the others?


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sorry, i was in a rush and forgot to add any details, twins are 28months, 23 ish lbs but tall, no exact measurement atm, moderately long torso, Niece is almost 4, 29 ish lbs, a peanut all three are rear-facing. Twins have just started gaining weight and seem to be gaining quickly, they are tall for their age, DH is very tall as is ODS.

Three of these seats will go in my '06 dodge grand caravan (but i hope to buy an oddy next september-ish)
the other three will go in the nannies 6 seater Mazda.

Crash details; we were headed to the apple orchard, on a road with a 45mph sped limit. Dh and i in the caravan with the twins, Evan in the drivers side captain chair in a Signo G2, Liam in the third row passenger side in a Ma. The Fr which James usually uses was in the other captains chair and the radian was in the center rear. In the Mazda was the nanny, Patty, her adult daughter, Tricia, my ods and my niece. Ods, James was driver-side in the RSTV and Niece, Neveah was passenger side in a Como. in the third row there were the twins avenues.

The whole line of cars slowed, my DH slowed almost to a stop and we heard loud screeching as the man behind us tried to brake, I heard it coming and was pretty sure he was going to hit us, i think he must have ben going awfully fast to have been unable to stop, as we had not stopped quickly. He slammed in to the back of our van and we were thrown about 1/2 a car length in to the back of Patty's van. It was very loud, it sounded like loud breaking glass. As soon as we stopped moving, i took off my seatbelt and jumped out to check the kids.
I think it would be fair to say that at times i have a bit of a temper, not often but when i lose it, i lose it. I threw open the side door, Evan was hysterical but there was no blood or obvious injuries, i couldn't get the tailgate open to check Liam, at which point the man got out of his car, and i started screaming at him, like crazy mama bear screaming, DH ran over and got the trunk open, and tried to steer me away from the other driver, who was apologizing profusely while i screamed at him. Liam was upset but looked ok. A landscaper from the house we were in front of came running over and offered to call 911, dh agreed he should call. Evan was so hysterical i was sure something was very wrong, DH took his seat out of the car ( but not E out of the seat, as i had told him not to) and tried to comfort him.
I ran up to check the other car, Patty and Trish were already out of their car checking on the big kids. Neveah was crying softly, and Jamie was sitting quietly looking confused.
I went back to my car, where the grounds keeper, a passing motorist, DH and the other driver were talking to the babies. I realized the other driver was talking real slow and seemed kinda "off". My first thought was that perhaps he had a disability or was mentally ill, so then i felt bad thinking i had just flipped out on this guy who surely didn't do this on purpose. So i apologized for yelling at him and said i was just concerned about the kids.
The emt's arrived and checked out the twins first, we decided DH would drive them to the er to be checked further, the EMTs made collars out of towels, and we took Liam's seat out of the back, by this time Liam was smiling and making friends with the EMTs and the police officers. They evaluated James and we let him out of the vest, he was up and hopping around immediately, he hasn't been sore or grumpy at all :)
Patty and Trish were both complaining of neck and back pain, so they were backborded and collared and put in ambulances. Neveah then also started complaining of neck and face pain, they stabilized her head and loaded her in to an ambulance too, i had them move her seat on to a stretcher, as they were wanting to put her on the aft facing seat behind trishas stretcher.
once they were loaded i went back to my van to kiss the boys good bye, and the other driver was handcuffed and they were putting him in the police car.
Every one checked out ok, kids seemed to bounce back , but all of us grown ups are awfully sore.
The back of my van is trashed, the bumper, the door, the whole back end is misaligned.
Patty's car doesn't look bad, just 2 punctures to the bumper from the license plate screws and a clear stamp of my plate.
the other drivers front end is totally smashed in, it was a small older sedan of some kind.

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Did the drunk driver have insurance? If so I would contact them about replacing the seats. If not contact your and your nanny's insurance to see about getthing them replaced.
My friend was hit by an uninsured drunk driver. Her insurance paid for her van, the rental, along with replaced all the seats, even the unused ones. They ended up suing the guy to recupe some of their money.


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If insurance was replacing, I would get Radians for the little kids and a Frontier for the 4 year old.

If insurance wasn't replacing, I'd do a Maestro for the 4 year old and Scenaras for the littles for now and save the extra money for Nautiluses/Frontiers when those are outgrown.


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oh duh i see the confusion, the Fr85 and the RSTV are used my my 5yo ds who i left out completely those are the only seats that fit him , and they were borrowed so they will need to be replaced with the same thing.

I don't love the marathon, signo, or como and i have one more of each at home anyway.
I don't love the avenue either. The radians i love but can't afford to get all radians, and they don't instal well in the nanny's car anyway


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How about 2 TF/TFP for the twins in your van. Will a TF fit in the nanny's car too? They're tall, but light weight kiddos. Or maybe the TFs for nanny's car and Radians or a combo of TFs and Radians for your van. Or Complete Air for the 3 year old.


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hmm i like the idea of TFPs but have never seen one, how big front to back to they install? as that is the issue with the radians in the back row of the nannys car. I like the CA's but i really like to have rebound mangement, ugh maybe that's not such a big deal?
i don't know, I love to buy seats, but i obsess over one seat for months weigh all the options adn then spend weeks hunting down a deal, this time i have to pick fast, and i want to pick the perfect ones so i don't have to swich them out later, ugh. i love the Oh patern on the EFTA 65 but i think the shell is not very tall and no rebound mangement, In my car everyone sits in their own seat, but the nanny seems to move them around so no rethread harnesses might be nice, although atm twins and niece are the same torso size. nieve would like a girly seat, her crashed como was pink, but not a necessity, i would like easy instals for the nanny. I think i will do three radians in my car, but will they be ok in an oddy?

my head is spinning!


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I have a Radian behind the driver in my Ody, but had to go with a TrueFit Premiere behind the passenger or the passenger is eating the dash because of the advanced airbags. I've heard multiple times on here that the MyRide fits well RFing in the middle seat between the captains chairs, but don't own one to try it. I couldn't get a Radian RFing install in the middle that I felt was safe, but I'm also not a tech.

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