Help me with a plan.


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5 vehicles
2012 Ford Explorer sport trac - needs to fit all 3
2016 Ford Mustang -needs to fit A
2010 Ford Flex - needs to fit A
2006 Mazda mpv - needs to fit all 3
? Lincoln car - needs to fit A and either J or baby (not both at same time)

Seats currently available
3 classic marathons
1 radian
2 nautilus
2 SecureKid
1 keyfit with 2 bases

A - just turned 4 really slim will be harnessed until at least 6
J - 17 months, average
Baby due in September.

Right now the setup is
Sport trac - SecureKid for a, marathon for j both outboard.
Mustang - SecureKid for a
Flex - Radian for a
Mpv - nautilus for a, marathon for j both middle row
Lincoln - nautilus for a, marathon for j

Jack was done. Done (meaning non stop screaming in the car as soon as he moved to the marathon happy) with the bucket at 3 months. Hoping the baby last longer but planning on just in case. Trying to get good deals so want to start being on the lookout.

I haven't tried SecureKid, marathon and keyfit in the sport trac yet so I'm hoping they'll work. But we'll need 2 new seats for baby in the mpv and the sport trac. I'm wanting to get an adjustable harness one for the Lincoln to make it easier for j and baby to share and move that marathon to the mpv for baby. So that'll be A in nautilus in back, j and baby in marathons in middle.
-so need a easy install adjustable harness seat for 2 year old and infant in a rarely used car. Budget less than $150

Sport trac is for the grandparents. Dad can install the marathon and SecureKid with latch. Problem is mom would prefer Alex in the middle since he can get in alone and she's not strong enough to heft Jack or baby into the middle. But I'm pretty sure you can't use latch in the center of a sport trac so the negates to super simple install of the SecureKid for them. So what kids would you put where and what seats. We can switch seats up and around. Must be easy to install since they take them in and out to also accommodate adults. I wish I could find click tights for less since I think they could manage those.


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I'd get a Graco Contender for the Lincoln. I'm not awake enough to figure out the rest yet. [emoji42]


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If I remember correctly the classic Marathon will not fit a newborn. My daughter didn't fit our Roundabout 50 (same shell) until about 6m.


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If I remember correctly the classic Marathon will not fit a newborn. My daughter didn't fit our Roundabout 50 (same shell) until about 6m.

Yes- my above average 10 month old is barely above the bottom slots.

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If I remember correctly the classic Marathon will not fit a newborn. My daughter didn't fit our Roundabout 50 (same shell) until about 6m.

Yep. She'll be in the keyfit first and won't get to move to the marathon until she fits. Thankfully jack for at around 3 months so that's when he got to switch but it was a long 3 months for my sister. My sister is really hoping baby girl last longer in the keyfit so she has somewhere safe for baby while holding onto Jack

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