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My brother and SIL are expecting their third in a '93 Toyota Camry. My ODN is J is 7. He's in a NB Turbo (I think). He's 57 lbs, 51.5" tall with a torso 17" (is that a crazy short torso or am I hallucinating? He's *really* thin I know... ). L is 3.5 and in an Eddie Bauer combo (I wanna say the Summit maybe? One with a tan cover, I'm not sure exactly...:eek:). He is 36 lbs, 40" tall with a 13" torso.

My brother doesn't really care about car seats much, but he's been *fairly* receptive when I've offered car seat advice before. I try not to push the issue much though (just makes me look crazy, and pushes them away). However, I did ask my SIL what they were going to do with fitting three across tonight and she said "I don't know... we're already worried about it" or something like that so I responded with "hey, well I might be able to help you figure that out..." but the conversation didn't go any further because they had to leave. Anyway, I'd LOVE to buy all new car seats for them for x-mas, but not only can I not afford it, but I think that would push them away, KWIM? I DO want to at least figure out some safe options that I can recommend though email (we live far away and they're more receptive though email I think. :cool:).

I'd love to have J in a HHB (well, actually I'd love to have him harnessed, dream on), but I really don't see that happening. Are there any narrower (HB or NB) boosters than the turbo?
The Eddie Bouer that L is in was J's so it's probably 5+ years old. (I totally forgot to check the DOM when I fixed the install on the sly before thanksgiving dinner. It was pretty loose, but at least had proper locking clip usage/placement! :whistle:)

So... any ideas? They're going to need a new infant seat (though I'd rather recommend mostly convertibles that can be used from birth if possible), and L is going to need a new seat soon (besides, the EB is really wide!). I'd love for him to stay harnessed, but they moved J to a HBH when he was 3.5 because he was too big for his car seat. :( I imagine they'll probably want L in a booster by the time the baby is born (he'll be 4 right around that time), but if it's cheap and fits I might be able to convince them to keep him harnessed a little longer. I got them to RF him a few extra months so I have hope.

Radians are nice and narrow, but would it be hell to install in the '93 Camry (leather seats too :thumbsdown:)? I'd love to do a TF for the baby, but I doubt it would fit in a three across unless it puzzles with something... Normally the only seat I'd consider for L would be a GN but those are quite wide too aren't they? ARG! Price is definitely a concern too. EFTA is in the right price range but WAY too wide. The CCO is nice and narrow, but again, I'd worry about installation issues and I'd like to encourage ERF and HWH if possible (not to mention $).

What am I missing? I'm not so up on what puzzles well with what, or three across in general. I have no idea what infant seats are the most narrow. Aren't most of them about the same in width? :confused: I think they might still have a Scenera from when L outgrew the infant seat, and those are fairly narrow right? Unless they really insist on an infant bucket. They seemed to use it a TON with the boys (I hope I don't have to convince them that car seats expire!). Help me out here! :p
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