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I have three kids - two who need a stroller. My 4 year old is autistic. He will probably need a stroller for some time yet as he bolts away from me. He is 40.5 lbs and 43.5 inches tall. He has a long torso and would do best with a 5pt restraint. I also have a 12 month old. Right now it is almost impossible for me to go anywhere with the three kids. I need to find a good solution! I would use strollers indoors and outdoors for basic walks - trips to the zoo, picnics. That kind of stuff. Right now I have a kolcraft double umbrella that is too small for the 4 year old and a single stroller that is great for the younger but way too small for the older.

I either need two single strollers that I can use singly or with stroller connectors. I have never tried the connectors so I don't know how well they work.

OR - I need one good big single that either boy can go in and a good big double that both boys can go in. I don't want to have to take a double stroller with me if I only have one of the boys.

What do you suggest?


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I would suggest two strollers: one double, and one single.

For the double, you'll need something that can transport a large child and a small child, and still steer well. The only strollers that can do this are ones such as: Mountain Buggy Urban Double, ABC Twin, Valco double (side-by-side, not toddler seat), possibly the Phil & Ted's double (side-by-side, not toddler seat) but I've never tried one in person so I'm not sure how it does with uneven weights. Some of these have a strap for your 6 year old to hold so you can have them all in one place.

THEN..pick up a Volo for quick trips with just one and see about attaching a wrist strap to it (similar to what's already on most joggers/all terrains) for the 4 year old to hold as a training tool for walking with you. Just let him know he CANNOT let go of it, and stick to the rule and he will eventually hold on for dear life. You can also use it for the 4 year old and the 1 year old, alone or together, and it is suitable in size and weight limitations.



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Thanks for the advice. I looked at those strollers, and while they look great, I can not afford them. I have to buy ds a regent, the volo, and a double stroller. That is way more money than we have available right now.:(

Do you happen to know of any strollers that might work that are less expensive? Would a maclaren double stroller work? I might be able to find a used one. I am also looking into the new fisher-price stroller that allows a child up to 50lbs to stand or sit in the back. I love their new kuv wagon that seats two, but am afraid the big guy will kick the little guy if he gets mad and has a melt down. I don't really want them to face each other.

Oh, and I just weighed Ds and he is 42lbs already. Boy he is growing fast!

Thanks again!


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Hi there,
A suggestion might be to forego trying to stroller all three since they are such different sizes. Instead, look out for a double stroller for the 2 larger kids and backpack your 12 month old. I have an Ergo baby carrier (also fits toddler to whatever weight you choose). It's a soft carrier that can fold into a diaper bag or when the tot was loose, I'd hook the chest strap around my waist and it would be a wide belt for me. Nicer than always hauling a stroller or carrying her loose in my arms. :cool:
There's better prices now than from the original website, but the videos and pictures are best at

It's a very comfortable way to carry your child. I found out about it when my daughter was 20 months old and around 29 pounds. I have a bad back and very poor balance from foot surgery, but with a walking stick, I was able to hike, or shop, or go through subways and airports with my dd on my back like this. She'd be calmer in crowds than in a stroller anyway and warmer in the winter. I still use it comfortably with her at 39" tall & 34lbs at 3 years old.
There's other soft pack styles out now, but I don't know of any brands off hand.
hth :)
good luck,


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Thanks for that suggestion. Right now I wear the little guy in a mei tai on my back so that I can run and chase the 4 year old. My 6 year old is wonderful and stays right near me. Maybe I will just get the volo for the 4 year old and just continue back carrying my 12 month old. I would love to try an ergo. I wonder if it would be more comfortable than my mei tai for long carries and hiking.


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I looked up what a mei tai exactly was and found this website.
If this is what you have, I'm impressed.
Still for walks and the fact I like some sort of structure, I"ll stay with my ergo. The shoulder pads, chest clip and thick waist belt make it very easy to balance all my daughter's weight properly in the same areas each time and I don't have to constantly adjust them. I"m terrible with knots and usually end up with sore spots whenever I've tried carriers like that in the past. I also don't know how well they work over heavy clothes like my Ergo does.
I'm a large woman wearing thick clothes and it's about 28 degrees outside at the Mannheim Christmas Market. No belt extender needed at all. DD is warm and happy even after being outside for a good 3 hours on my back. She loves her Quinny stroller, but it was more fun for her to be up high and see things while we were in crowds.

This is how it looks with the hood extender and very sleeping child:
We were visiting Paris with mom-in-law and DD fell asleep on my lap in a quiet corner whilst nursing in the Musee d'Orsay. Hubby plonked her up on my back and helped me to slide the harness up. She had just turned 2 and all the other children her age were screaming in their strollers because they were tired. I felt like such a good mommy at the time :)

My only complaint (it's not much) is that I wish the hood extender was squarish or detached when it wasn't in use or child outgrew it. She's too tall for it now, but it doesn't bother her to fall asleep up and lean against me. It's just annoying to constantly tuck it in if the carrier gets upside down. I suppose I could take it off, but that's just not me ;)
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I have to agree that buying a stroller for your 4 y/o would be much easier if you are able to still carry you youngest in a sling, i often still carry my youngest in a carrier, usally a mie tia you talked about and she's 26lbs, we have been able to take long walks comfertably as well with her up there, i hate stroller, and don't usally us one at all with myolder kids but can see why you need on for you middle child :) i would suggest finding one for just him!


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Yup, my mei tai is similar to the kozy carriers. I make and sell them online. (I would say what brand it is, but I don't want to spam.) I can wear Ryan for a long time in it. But sometimes, he just wants to get down and ride in the stroller. I still think I want to try an ergo for longer carries since it puts more weight on your hips. You are right though - it is too hard to find a double stroller for both of the boys.

So, I have decided on a maclaren volo or triumph for the 4 year old or the baby when the 4 year old is not there. My mei tai or an ergo for the baby. And the new fisher-price kid utility vehicle (similar to a wagon but folds flat and holds 135lbs total) for outdoor activities. I think that those three things will make my life a lot easier. I am looking forward to being able to take my 3 kids out with me by myself. I haven't been able to do that for a long time because I don't have enough hands. lol

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