HELP - Baby Jogger Elite Double, Valco Twin TriMode, Bob Duallie 12"


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I simply can NOT decide which I would like better and would be best for what we want it for:eek:

I want a stroller that can handle a decent amount of quick walking/possibly a bit of jogging. I also want it for things like fairs, festivals, amusement parks. If it goes other places, great.

We do have a Mac Twin Techno that is fine, but the wheels will get beat up if used outside too much, kwim?

I like a few things about each of these and I am just so torn. None of them serves everything I want. One thing being "cute";)

I considered a fun color of the Easywalker Duo but that does not have large sun shades.

My kids that will be using it are 5, 2, and just turning 3 months.

Thanks in advance.


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Those are all great strollers that you have narrowed down.

I don't know alot about the Valco, so I can't really comment on that. I can tell you this though. I used to sell all three of these brands. I sold way more Baby Jogger and BOBs than Valco's. In fact, I would say over 70% of my sales were Baby Joggers.

The Baby Jogger Elite is a really, really nice stroller. You are getting alot of extra features on it. Baby Jogger's customer service is superior, and hard to beat. This stroller also has amazing sunshades, super tall seatbacks, and the famous one step quick fold.

The BOB is an awesome stroller. It has 3 wheels, whereas the other two strollers have 4. The BOB also gives you the option to lock forward the front wheel giving you (and your children ;) ) more of the feel of a true jogger (note: a true jogger will have larger wheels, and a front fixed wheel, among other things). The BOB also has an incredible suspension on it. The downside is that the seatbacks are a shorter, and may not last a child as long as say they Baby Jogger.

If you see yourself primarily using this for fast paced walking, and jogging then I would get the BOB. The handlebar is stationary, and the stroller will be able to handle it better.

The BJ is not really for jogging. It is an all-terrain stroller, not a jogging stroller. It is heavier when pushing, and I don't see yourself being very happy with it, considering the BOB is going to give you more of an airy feeling when pushing and steering. Also, since the BOB has one wheel in the front, that is less friction when you push than two. The BJ has an adjustable handlebar that is not meant to put up with the pounding that comes along with fast walking, jogging, or running. The mechanism of the handlebar will not take that kind of wear and tear very well.


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I had a Baby Jogger City Series Double and loved it. But now I have a Bob Duallie. I like the Bob MUCH better! The only benefit (in my opinion) to the BJ is there is more room under the great sun shade vs the Bob. The Bob is lighter, folds easier, harness is easier to use/adjust, is much less cumbersome to get in/out of a vehicle and the undercarriage basket is more accessable. Here is my 2 & 3y/o in the Bob:


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If I would get the BOB, I was planning on the 12"--is there really any difference between that and the 16".
Why would I get one over the other?

The Valco is the one my hubby likes--they do have new longer sunshades coming out on that stroller--like the BOB and BJ ones. It is the new EX version.

Anyone know if the BJ is going to be changing colors/design soon??

Someone said on another board that the BOB was this true?

Seems as if I had more questions and can't remember them...:confused:

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