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Hi there,
I am new to this board and wanted to introduce myself! My name is Kati and my kiddos are currently:
2yo on 4/16, was 34" and 27.5# at his 18mo pedi appt
currently in RF'ing Evenflo triumph 5 outboard passenger side

3mo on 4/9, was 23.5" and 11.5# at her 2mo pedi visit
in older (2005 DOM) Snugride outboard driver's side

Based on everything that I have read here (thanks so much for all the info!), I ordered my son a Britax Marathon in Cowmooflage which just came today!! He is SO excited about it, wanted to sit in it in the house before I could even get it to the car! We have a 2006 Honda CR-V, and I plan to install it in the outboard passenger side position RF'ing (as long as I can anyway) with the tether. Hopefully the install will go OK, but if not I might be back with more questions! :)

The plan was to move my daughter up to the Evenflo when she outgrew the Snugride (most likely in length, it is one of the 26" ones, before weight) The thing is, now that we got this new Britax, and I see how cushy and comfy it looks compared to the Evenflo, I feel like I want to get her a Britax when the times comes for her to move up! Is that crazy??? My husband was really good about spending the money on the Marathon for DS, he thinks I am a little crazed after all of my reading here, but wants to do whatever is safest. I am not sure how he would feel about spending ANOTHER $250-300 though! :) I guess we will have a few more months for me to work on him. The Britax seats just seem so comfy! And if DS can be in his new Marathon for a few more years once I have to turn him FF'ing, than my DD might really like one of those cute Boulevards in the Shannon pattern, right?!?

Heheh, I guess I am just looking for support and justification to spend the extra money, but it doesn't seem fair to put her in the older, less comfy seat when my DS gets the plush one right next to her. . . .

OK, enough rambling. I really just wanted to introduce myself and say how excited I am about the Marathon!!



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Welcome Kati!!! It's awesome that your kids are safely RFing for so long. Not enough people do that. :)

Your daughter will outgrow the Snugride by height not at 26", but when her head is within an inch of the top of the shell. That may be at 23" or at 30", depending on how big her torso is. So she's safe to ride in it until then, provided she's under the weight limit (which is absolute).

Fodder for your Marathon argument: The Triumph is a so so seat RFing. It only goes to 30 pounds and it has a short shell, so some kids don't make it to 30 pounds in it. It's a much better seat FFing, though it only goes to 40 pounds.

(do you feel better now? LOL)

Seeing as you're going to have two kiddos RFing for some time, you'll just absolutely NEED another Marathon. LOL Though if it'll make your husband feel better you can space it out for a while by using the Triumph until she's getting too big for that, like you did for your son, then buy her something new. That'll give you over a year to ease the blow. :)

Oh, I want to double check something. You have "mummy" in your username. Are you in Canada? If so the Marathon AND the Triumph both go to 30 pounds RFing, and the Marathon to only 48 FFing.



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If it were me...

I don't know that I would replace the Triumph right now. It would depend how much I disliked it. It's an OK seat, no really major flaws, so on paper, you're fine. I think I'd probably wait and see how long the Triumph lasts rear facing and go from there.

If I did replace it, I might go with a Roundabout, rather than another Marathon or Boulevard, especially if money is an issue. With a Roundabout, you could switch them back and forth as necessary (eg., put the older child in the Marathon until it is outgrown rear facing, then put him in the Roundabout front facing until the younger child outgrows the MA rear facing, then put the older child in the MA until he gets too tall to use it front facing, and give it back to the younger child until she gets too tall to use it front facing).

If you plan to have more kids, that's something else you should factor in. And, your kids are close enough in age that it's possible the younger one will outgrow the Roundabout before the older one is ready to use a booster. That's something that is hard to predict.


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I think I just WANT to get DD either a Marathon or Boulevard (the TSIP wings look like they would be nicer for a baby than my 2yo) after seeing how nice DS's new Marathon is. I know that I COULD use the Triumph for DD, but it just seems so much less comfy. :) Money is not really an issue, just my husband getting used to the idea of expensive seats. Our Snugride and Triumph were given to us at my shower for DS.

Oh, and thanks for the info on when DD will outgrown the Snugride. One question though, which may sound silly. . . how do you measure the " 1" from the top of the shell"? Do you just put your thumb on top of her head and see if you are still hitting hard shell? Also, she seems to sit up/slump at intervals, so do you measure her tallest height, or what her average height in the seat is after sitting in it for a bit?

I am not a huge fan of the infant seats anyway, I don't like leaving my babies in it for long, and I hate carrying them around (they are just SO heavy and cumbersome) so I don't mind moving her to a convertible seat a little sooner than other people might as long as it is safe and comfy for her.

Do the MA/BV installed RF'ing have about the same degree of recline as a Snugride, or less? Because that is one thing I was concerned about. She has good head control when she is awake now, but not so much when she is asleep :) and she is still gaining trunk strength. . . Would it be better to keep her in the Snugride for longer (as long as she is under the height/weight limits) for this reason or do people find that babies are just as comfortable in the BV/MA?

Also, in response to your question, I am in NY, but thanks for watching out for me with the possible different weight limits!

Thanks so much!!


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With Britax seats, you can use the tether to adjust the recline. For a younger baby, you'll want a full 45 degree recline, just like with your SnugRide. As they get older, most kids perfer to sit a bit more upright.

For the Evenflo seat, you adjust the recline by adding a tightly rolled towel or foam pool noodle cut to size, if necessary. Again, you want a 45 degree angle for younger babies, and older kids can sit more upright.

This page--How To Guestimate the Rear-Facing Angle--has photos to help you out. Also check out Installing Your Car Seat, which has videos!


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Thanks for the tips! My husband came home and was all about installing the new carseat ;), I am AMAZED at how solid the install is on that seat with the top tether. I had no idea that it could be like that, I mean you move the seat and the whole car moves. It is amazing. The Evenflo was a pretty solid install, but there was still a little play (less than 1") in RF mode. Just the solidness of the install makes me want to get another Britax for DD! I am extremely happy with this seat. And we took my son for a ride in it and he looked so comfy, and was really excited!

This is fun!

Thanks again!


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Welcome. I have a MA as well and someone on here just sold me the cowmoo cover and i cant wait to use it. have fun here i know i do

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