He hates the Sureride


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I Bought it to transport him up to Indy for his many hospital trips. The infant seat expired and I didn't want to have to keep reinstalling the Radian. He hates it. The buckles dig into his chubby little thighs. I was trying to be so careful buckling him in and I still pinched a bit of his thigh in the buckle. Why are they designed this way? I've never seen another car seat with such huge buckles. I took all of the tags off and threw away the box already because I thought it was going to work for us. He also gets terrible head slump in it. I'm going to try getting it more reclined, but it's difficult with the deeply sloped seats in my husband's car. His surgery is in two days so I guess I just have to figure it out.


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I actually prefer those Evenflo buckles- but I've only used them at and beyond the toddler stage, when thighs aren't as chubby. Judging from the pictures in your other thread, you might be able to loosen the straps a smidge and still not be able to pinch a horizontal fold at the shoulder- that might help. The SureRide has a level to ground line, you should be installing at that angle. I didn't watch this whole video so I'm not sure whether everything else is correct- but see how she got behind the seat with her hips? Try putting the SureRide at the correct angle and using the hip technique to get it to stay securely at the proper angle http://youtu.be/EtdOM2jtODM


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The angle was really close before, I was able to fix it, but needed a rolled towel to do it. My biggest gripe is the buckle. I wish I had tried him in it at a store first, but we don't live near any stores that allow that or even carry the seat in the store. I'm going to loosen the harness prior to buckling every time to avoid pinching the thighs, but it will still dig into them when I tighten it appropriately.


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I can't tell really well from your other thread, but do you still have the infant insert in? Perhaps if that can be removed (I don't have a manual handy to check if it's required at certain weights) he'll be more comfy?


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I can't tell really well from your other thread, but do you still have the infant insert in? Perhaps if that can be removed (I don't have a manual handy to check if it's required at certain weights) he'll be more comfy?
I did in the other pics, but I already took it out. It didn't really help the problem. For his surgery I plan to have him wear a thin sleeper so there's at least a layer of cloth between his legs and the buckles.


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I haven't . I thought it had to be at the closest setting. Is this wrong?
It does, but his posture might change once he's sitting, causing him to slide into the crotch strap. If it wasn't there holding him back, the other slot may become the closest one.


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He ended up not minding it and seemed comfortable. Maybe he was just in a terrible mood the first time we tried it. The surgery was a disaster and they ended up not able to do anything they had planned on so we were only there one night. In upset he had general anesthesia for no good reason and had to go through all of that, but the car seat worked out fine.

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