Have you ever used a seat continuously until expiration?


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I was cleaning the car today and realized how worn my dd's 4.5 year old seat is. I don't think we have used any of our other seats on a daily basis for that long. How about you guys?


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I used our original marathon for most of it's life, as well as our original britax husky. The britax covers held up really well and neither looked that bad when I got rid of them.

We've used our true fit semi-continuously and that looks pretty worn. I think it's the grays. We're going into the sixth year with the SK Monterey with my oldest and the fading from the sun is very noticible. And the stickers are gross now. It will expire at the end of this year.


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Our first two Britax seats were used almost constantly until they expired. Our Roundabout was passed on to a friend when dd outgrew it and the friend used it until it expired, then I sold the cover on here. Our Marathon was used constantly by us until it expired and again, I sold the cover on here. Britax covers hold up well and I don't generally let my kids eat in the car so that helped too. We also had a Parkway that we kept until it expired but it wasn't in constant use and that cover had the elastic give out, go figure. Other than several backless boosters I think those are the only seats I've kept their full lifespan. Our True Fit would have been kept but dh left it in front of an open garage window and the harness adjustor corroded. :crying: I expect to keep our ProSport until it expires.


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Once we put it in the car, we used our Britax Boulevard nonstop from the time DD1 was 13 months old until it expired with DS using it.


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I think we used our Radian pretty consistently for it's lifespan. I would have liked to have used my Evenflo Medallion longer, but my dd1's shoulders were at the top slots when she was 2 and it was 4 (it had 6 years).


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We have a Sunshine Kids Radian 65 that expires in August of 2016 that we will use until expiration. We got it when DD was 4 (replaced a seat that was in a crash). She rode in it as her main seat until she was 6.5 or 7 and then we moved her to a booster and moved DS into it. He's been riding in it ever since. He'll be a few months shy of 6 when it expires, but that's if he doesn't outgrow it by height first. Even if he does (doubt he will) we will have another baby to pass it down to.


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Our Marathons were used for 5 years probably (taking into account they were a few months old when I got them and I probably stopped a couple months before they expired). They both were in great shape to the end.

The Frontier DD uses for a booster in our truck we've been using for about 5.5 years I think. Also still in great shape. That one has a 9 year expiration and I plan on using it until it expires (low built-in headrests in our truck so we'll be taking advantage of how tall that one gets I'm sure).


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I have too many seats to use any one continuously LOL. The Montereys have been used a lot and expire this year. Same with the MyRide. I have a Scenera expiring next year but it was just a spare for the most part. I rarely take the little kids with me anymore (always an older sibling at home, and I don't have room for everyone), so it's only the boosters that get used on a daily basis now. I actually don't have a single harnessed seat installed in any of our vehicles right now.


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Haven't yet, but my oldest is only 5, lol. But the first seats I bought for him I donated to our local Safekids for them to use as training seats. It was a First Years Truefit and a Costco Scenera. When my youngest continued to follow big bro's growth pattern was when I decided to replace them. Got a Frontier 85 for Quinn, oldest, and 2 Radians for the youngest. Quinn is in a booster in my car.


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DS used his Boulevard from 2007 until it expired in 2013. He still had plenty of harness/shell room, too.


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The Radian I had for ds3 and then passed down to DD almost made it, but recently suffered a catastrophic cat pee incident on the porch and I junked it.

The Recaro Como I bought for my nephew in 2008 was passed on to my niece and has been used continuously... Well past expiration, no matter what I say :rolleyes:


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I have a radian I bought in '09 that has been in use continuously and will be until it expires. My middle started in it when she was 3 months old and used it until she outgrew it (right at 4, crazy long-torsoed child). That was right as my youngest was outgrowing his keyfit, so he moved into it when she moved into a booster. He'll be 4.5 when it expires and will use it until then.


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We had a classic marathon that was used in grandma's car for my niece until she outgrew it, and then DD1 until it expired. It still looked very good when we retired it, mainly because it wasn't used everyday. I have one of the very first Frontier 85 (12/10 date I think?) that DD1 uses now, and DD2 will use when she goes FF. I love that seat so much I think someone might have to pry it from me kicking and screaming when it expires. Cover is faded but still in pretty good condition too.


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I have not. I probably would have if I hadn't joined this site! Makes me want too many seats and find a way to "need" them!


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Funny how many of the seats in this thread are britax. My dd is riding in the boulevard that was used by ds from 2010-2012 and now by dd from 2012-present. The covers and foam haven't held up as well on this one as our original roundabout that was used almost daily for 6 years.

Maybe I will just demote the boulevard to a spare and get something new...:)


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My MyRide is in pretty good condition, it was used daily for the first 4 years.... and then its been occasional use (like 6-10 times a month) for the last year....


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My TFP has seen 4-5 years of near constant use and it has held up really well. The stickers on the side are pretty faded but otherwise it looks great.

My RXT is on year...3? Of almost constant use, and it seems to show more wear for its age.


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We have a Boulevard CS that has 10 months until expiration and has been in full time use since we got it. I fully anticipate using it until that time.

Oh and it still looks great. It is cowmoo fabric and has held up perfectly. It honestly shows no wear at all. I've only washed the cover maybe 3 or 4 times in the 5 years since we bought.


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It is cowmoo fabric and has held up perfectly.

Our cowmoo Frontier 85 has been used consistently for years and still looks great too! I haven't used a seat until expiration yet and I was going to say that I foresee keeping that until it expires, when I realized my kids will probably outgrow it before then. :eek::(

I guess we'll probably keep the bubble bum for its impressive 4 year life. :rolleyes:

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