Great travel seat that DOESNT require noodles


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We're a 1 car family, but my son and I often ride in friends' cars so we're in the position of installing carseats on the fly. At the moment, Daniel still fits in a Graco SS1 so I install that baseless, but he obviously won't fit in that forever and it's a far from perfect solution. I know the common answer is "Buy a Scenera!" but I'd rather not deal with noodles all the time since that's not a very practical on the go solution. I don't just carry noodles in my diaper bag :p

I need something that is easy to install with a seatbelt, but all the cars we ride in have locking belts so I don't necessarily have to worry about lock-offs. I already have a CCO as our main seat and I'd be open to moving that to my travel seat position and get a new seat for our main car if that's the easier solution, but I want a really really comfy seat for everyday so I'm not open to a Scenera for everyday.


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The Scenera can almost always be installed without noodles. You just jam the lip of the seat (by baby's feet) into the vehicle seat back. It will get wedged.


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Noodles are kind of like training wheels. If you know what you are doing you can install most seats without them. I agree with Christine that you are less likely to need them with a Tribute. I have found that the Tribute installs easier than the Scenera in general.


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Evenflo tribute is great, but for an infant you'll probably need one noodle.

He's 14 months old, is that still considered to be an infant?

I'll get the Tribute. I'm familiar with the jamming since I've been doing the baseless infant seat instal for the time being and it seems similar. I guess I'll see how it goes and practice so I don't need the noodles.

Why doe people like the Tribute over the Scenera? Just FYI, he's in the 10th percentile for weight, but 50th for height, so I don't anticipate him needing the 40lb RF limit.


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No, a physically and developmentally typical 14mo can ride in a seat that's not at a newborn angle. The Evenflo Titan and Tribute should work well for you (I personally prefer the Titan, but that's our coalition seat so I'm very familiar with it).


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The Tribute is ok, I had actually gotten to where I like the scenera better, but ditched it after all the level line drama.
Any chance that you would consider a pricier seat? We just did a lot of travelling, and everytime I had to install my tribute, I wished that I had my blvd 70, which is a breeze in every and any car (but it is big, so not 3 across friendly). Everytime I install a Britax seat and another seat at the same time, the extra $$ spent on the Britax becomes more and more worth it to me. (plus if you catch a good deal, these aren't really much more than other nice seats).


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If you can afford it Britax seats just seem to easy to install. We are a 1 car seat house at the moment and I can get my Marathon installed in no time. Maybe look at a Roundabout 55.


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Sorry, I forgot this year was 2011. I thought your baby was a year younger!

The tribute imo is easier to install than the scenera and you won't need noodles. If you want something pricier, the true fit is easy and if you have latch, all the evenflo seats with the fancy latch (forget what it's called at the moment) are super duper easy.

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