Great combination seats - recs please


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What is/are your favorite combination seat(s)? Which are great in both harness and booster modes?


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I just recently got a Secure Kid 400. I have only used it harnessed so far but I have fed the seatbelt through on both my 4 yo and my 10 yo and it has a good fit on both. I love how easy it is to install in dh's Jetta because he takes it out all the time. It really helps to have a seat that goes in quickly and easily. Even my 10 can get a rock solid install with it. I love the thick harness straps, no bunching in the buckle tongues or twisting straps with this seat. The only problem I've had so far is that it tends to cut into dd's neck. She was exactly even with the second set of slots and I moved the harness up to the 3rd set and that eliminated most of the neck rubbing.


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My favorites are the following and why.

Easy to use & install
Love those steel bars
Kids love the cubbies
Covers easy to wash & hold up great
Not so great leg support or crotch strap length
My kids cannot unbuckle (can be good or bad)
Can use latch as booster

Not so easy to install but
Love the beefy design
Super leg support & multiple crop locations
Tall booster
My kids can unbuckle (can be good or bad)
Can use latch in booster

Easy to use & install
Lightweight & airplane friendly
Hubby doesn't like continuous harness
My kids cannot unbuckle

Our Maestro is our spare & travel seat. Although spare covers are fun, I find that the Maestro as a spare is much better for us to use when washing covers.

Sorry to say that I haven't used any as a booster. I did test out the GN & FN. I felt the FN was a little wide for my skinny mini. The GN was ok, but not the best lap fit (our turbo & vivo fit better).



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I've only had a Frontier 85 and an Argos.

I love how easy the Argos is to install with the seat belt. I dislike the new buckles, how difficult it is to loosen the top tether and LATCH strap, how easily the cover stains and there are only 4 positions for harness mode- that makes it look off when you have to move it up to the next position.

I love the smaller incremental adjustments on the Frontier, the push on connectors, the dual tether, the long belt path option, the material the cover is made out of (Maui) and the HUGS. I dislike the short belt path and how bulky it is.

J has head slump in both seats. Just for fun I put both in my car today to see which one he would pick to ride in and he rode in each once- I don't think he has any preference.

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I love the hefty sides on the Recaro Prosport. We haven't used it in booster mode yet, but when I've seen it in booster mode, the belt fit has looked good. It worked better than a Frontier in our 3 across, which is what made the decision for us.


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I have the frontier85, prosport, nautilus, and maestro. I haven't used any of them as boosters, but checked fit on the maestro and frontier85, both were good. DS1's main seats are the fr85 and prosport. I love the prosport, it contains him very well, is latchable in booster mode, I dislike the rule of removing toptether at 52lbs and have decided to continue to use it anyways and lack of cupholders. I haven't check the booster fit of it because he's no where near ready for a booster, I wish the top harness height was a little taller he has about 1" to go. The frontier85 has great leg support, cupholders, and comes in cow. The nauti is okay to me, he isn't able to do the new style buckle by himself, it sits up a little higher than the others. He's outgrown the maestro by weight, my neice uses it now, it's great little seat but I dislike the closeness of the harness straps.


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My top choice is the FR85. I got a Maestro for my CRV and really liked it but DS hated it and thought it was uncomfortable. He would cry if we drove over like 20 minutes in that seat.

I actually like the Nautilus a lot too, but I would only use it in certain vehicles where I knew they wouldn't have head slump. Like in my van, the seats are so angled that they install really reclined :)


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I've used a Nauti, Maestro, and Frontier. I've only used the Frontier as a booster. I like all of them, my only negative would be the closeness of the Maestro straps. I love everything else about all of them :)

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The only two I've owned are the FR85 and the ProSport, I love the prosport but not the FR85 so much. FR85 was fine in harness mode but I was not impressed with booster fit for my 5.5 yr old, the ProSport feels more solid and has an awesome booster fit!


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I think I'm most interested in the Frontier and the ProSport. Are these good for tall kids? I've heard the FR is but not about any others height wise. DS is very tall bur slim, so I don't want a seat he will quickly outgrow.


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The frontier has taller top slots 20" vs the 18" on the prosport, it also has more leg support. Ds1 is very tall and fits well in both seats, I know the frontier will last him longer harness wise but that's why I have both ;)

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