Graco Snugride or Graco Safeseat ?



I'm debating between the Graco Snugride or Graco Safeseat infant seats.

I thoroughly enjoyed my infant seat years ago with my first child and think I will really enjoy and use this infant seat again as well. My first daughter practically lived in her infant seat. Now with things changing so dramatically in the carseat world I would like to know if it's really worth going the extra mile (10lbs.) and buying the safeseat that will hold til 30lbs. Is it worth it? Looking for those who have used the safeseat and what they thought. Money's not a issue.


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I've not used either, but the SafeSeat is well liked around here because of the built-in lockoffs in the base. Apparently that has made it exceptionally easy to install. Some people buy it for just that reason with no intention of using the full 30lb limit of the seat (they move their child to a covertible.) That said, the extra 10lbs will offer you a *lot* longer use - well into their second year for most kids. The 22lb seats won't make it to one for most kids.

Also, you may not be aware that the official recommendations for rear-facing have been changing. The AAP (and others) now recommend that children remain rear-facing to the full limits of their seats - that would be beyond 1yr and 20lbs like it was in the past. Most convertible seats on the U.S. market today can RF to 35lbs and should be used to their full limits.

HTH! :)
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I had the Safeseat. The main reason I chose it over the Snugride was the built in lockoff in the base. It was by far the easiest I've ever installed.

As DD approached a year old and was still nowhere near outgrowing the Safeseat, I appreciated being able to bring the seat inside when she fell asleep in the car. Everyone said it would be too heavy, but it really wasn't that bad. DD fit into the Safeseat until about 17 months. She outgrew it by height, not weight (there needs to be one inch of hard shell over the baby's head).

Keep in mind that you will still need a convertible seat after the infant seat even if you do go for the Safeseat. It is best to keep your little one rear-facing as long as possible. My DD is now in a Britax Boulevard and rear-facing at 20 months and 25 lbs. She'll stay RFing as long as she can (her seat rear faces until 33 lbs.).


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SafeSeat!!!! SafeSeat!!! SafeSeat!!!! (Just my personal opinion, of course.) Personally, I hate the lockoffs on the safeseat - I ALWAYS break a fingernail un-doing it, but even so, I'd still buy it again and again ... if I was having more babies ... ;)



We have this for our son. He's 11 months old now and 24+ pounds and 32 inches. We would have outgrown the SnugRide by height at like 4-5 months old. He is at the height limit in inches, however because he's all legs his head is nowhere near the top. So we can still use it longer than the limit since he has the 1 in shell above the top of his head. I think he'll be in this seat well into the summer and fall. I am SO happy that we decided to go with this seat and looks like it is the trend as many other manufacturers now have 30 pound seats coming out.

It was so convenient and still is to be able to just carry him in if you were running quick into the store or he fell asleep. Yes, it's heavy, but you don't have to use it this way, I just like having the option. We tend to use this even in restaurants so he isn't in the icky germs of the high chair. He is so comfortable and relaxed - he just LOVES his seat.

The base lock-off is a added bonus for easy installation.


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I would get a Safeseat, but my reason is different. I like to have a bucket in the winter b/c you can put the baby in a warm carseat in the house and cover with a blanket or one of those carseat covers instead of having to take them out of their blanket, coat, whatever, to put them in a cold seat in the car. Also taking them out when they're asleep always bothers me if I'm going shopping or something where it would be easier to take a carrier in than a sleeping baby who will now wake up and be cranky. It was especially bad w/ my ds3 who had RAD (like asthma, only more likely to be outgrown) after having RSV when he was a few months old.


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My son came home in a snugride, but shortly after we bought a SS1. To be honest, I really didn't know about the lock-off at that time but have found (like someone else mentioned) it has been the easiest install that I have had. My son will be two in September and he still fits both in height and weight in it. I only carried it once in a while when he was really little. I usually just carried him everywhere I went. I think it isn't much heavier than the snugride, but have found it is bulkier and for me harder to carry. I would still go with the safeseat though.


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Definately the SafeSeat. I 1st had an Evenflo Embrace (piece of crap) and I very quickly took that back and got the SafeSeat for my daughter. I LOVE IT! The built in lock off is amazing. I will never again buy a RFing carseat with out it. The SS is a little bit heavier than the SnugRide, but I'm a single mom and carry it with my 17lb DD and my 34lb son up the stairs several times a day, and its really not horrible.


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i'm kind of puzzled why people like the safeseat. the last crash test report on the infant carriers gave passing marks only to 2 carseats... snugride and baby trend. altho they later retracted the results and redid the test, i still have doubts.


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If you're referring to CR, they were WAY messed up with their testing. There's articles and links to what went wrong, but it had nothing to do with the seats and everything to do with the tests.

ETA: I would get a SnugRide if a SS1 weren't available, but I hate babytrend seats and wouldn't buy one ... period.


Thanks everyone for your help!

I too donot like Babytrend it was to difficult and not user friendly at the store. I lost my patience with it fast.

I was actually going for the Chicco keyfit 30 or Graco. Being that I'm having a girl and the Chicco patterns and colors are really boring and boyish and the fact that I loved my daughter's Graco 7 years ago I decided with your help I'm going to buy my pink Graco Safeseat.

So again Thanks!

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