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Hello! For those of you who are using a graco extend2fit, how are you liking it? Space isn't an issue for me and I ove the cup holders. I'm highly considering this seat for the new baby due in July. He'll use a bucket for a few months, but not much more than that.
Also on my list are the fllo and 4ever. I guess I'm taking to diono off my list unless great new covers come out.
Anything else new coming out?


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I don't have it, but I wanted to mention that you might want to wait for the 3-in-one version to come out and see what features it has.

I don't know that I'd use it as a booster, but I might find the bubble level, lower profile, and lined foot tray (along with any other upgrades that might it be immediately apparent I the photos) to be worth the higher price tag.

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I'm not sure I love the looks of the 3 in one...I'm not sure why. Ill wait till I see some babies in it here.

Does the easy off cover only come in black? On the extend to fit.


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Loving it so far for our ERF 3.5 yr that is 42" 41# (taking cover on and off isn't easiest, but not something I knock any seat on). have only installed it in my Accord and Husbands F-250.


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I like it. My 2 YO uses it in our Civic if she rides in that car and is about 40 inches and almost 40 lbs.

For our van I have her RF in a Fllo and I prefer the Fllo over the Extend to Fit for sure. But the Fllo stays. No way would I ever want to move it! The Graco one is so easy to move (just...the belt path is not big so that's annoying and my hands are large).

I bought another Clek for my other baby once he outgrows his bucket. I find the leg room for both these seats to be about the same actually, if using the rebound bar. The Graco maybe has some more room but I can hardly tell.
The Fllo seems to take up less front to back space so that's good for us tall people.

I have never taken a cover off a seat in 9 years and 6 kids, lol. (We don't eat or drink in the car). But from what I hear I would not want to remove a cover!


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The lower the headrest, the harder is it to tighten the harness. That's an issue with any no rethread seat where the headrest pushes on the harness though. Using it for a 15 month old I don't have too much trouble with it, but it's definitely worth trying in store once you get closer to moving baby out of the bucket.

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The 3 in 1 is now available.

Really? Have you gotten to play with it?

The BRU website has a link for it, but I couldn't order it yet (at least not in be "Janey" fashion -- didn't check the other one).

ETA: eep! I take that back! When I checked again just now it let me add it to my cart! I'm hoping it comes to my store soon so that I can play with it in person first! I have my fingers crossed that it will have most of what I love about the Milestone.


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What is it that you prefer about the fllo? I don't have a budget for this seat, as I only need one. I have a MR 65 as a back up already. So..I could go more expensive...


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Really? Have you gotten to play with it?

The BRU website has a link for it, but I couldn't order it yet (at least not in be "Janey" fashion -- didn't check the other one).

ETA: eep! I take that back! When I checked again just now it let me add it to my cart! I'm hoping it comes to my store soon so that I can play with it in person first! I have my fingers crossed that it will have most of what I love about the Milestone.
Yeah it's only online right now but my friend told me yesterday it was available :)


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I just got the 3 in 1 yesterday. Have yet to install it in my van, but so far I think it's love.

I will admit to being slightly snobby about carseats. All of our seats thus far have been Britax, Chicco and Recaro.

This is the first Graco I've purchased for our personal vehicles. We do have a Nextfit, but I don't love the high sides for loading/unloading the smaller kids and it's so bulky. Also I've always had some issues tightening the harness rearfacing.

The Extend2fit 3-in-1 has a very smooth harness pull uninstalled. I also find it easier to adjust the headrest/harness height than our Nextfit. We do have one of the first Nextfits from Jan 2013 though.

I'll install in a bit and try to get some pics. The cover is nice, and everything seems easy to adjust. I think baby girl will love it and fit for years to come. My personal goal is to keep her rear-facing to 3 or 3.5 and we will have no problems at all reaching that.

I think Graco has really stepped up their game on this one. I purchased online with the 20% off friends and family coupon on Monday and it arrived yesterday. I'd read reviews, but really wasn't sure if I'd like it in person. Our BRU doesn't carry the E2f in store at all yet.

It should keep even the highest percentile children rear-facing to a safe age and then fit for awhile forward facing. Nice features for sure. I'll post about installation later.


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The Fllo is the easiest seat to put a child in (low profile) and tighten (like butter) I've used.
This is really important for dad and cuts down on misuse.

Also, I like how it has an anti-rebound bar. I can't help but feel good about that. The Graco does not have that.
(The Fllo needed some basic assembly before use but I followed the directions and it was fine). The Graco was ready to use, more or less.

I only used the Graco for a large almost 3 YO RF. So if it's hard to tighten for smaller babies as another post said, then that would be a problem because tightening is key for me anyway.


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That's good to know. I always loosen a nd tighten. I just can't seam to leave the harness alone, lol..
My 4yr olds favorite RFing seat was the My Ride. My dh had trouble getting it tight..

Maybe the extend 2fit, 3 in one will be easier??

I'm going to take a peek at the fllo next. How is it FFing?


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I really like the Fllo's openness for lack of a better term. There's great leg room too. I like having the anti rebound bar. I wouldn't call it low profile. But I've found where I used to like Radian type of low in my SUV, I like it being higher in my sedan. I only have one seat in there so I dump him in the opposite side and he goes over and gets in his seat easily. It takes up front to back room in my Prius. The passenger seat is unusable and it didn't work behind me. I will probably pass it on to one of my dd's for the grandkids later when Griffin is forward facing.


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My year old niece is using it Rf. She's about 42 inches and maybe 40lbs soaking wet on a good day. We don't loosen and tighten the harness every time. She can buckle herself, although slowly. My mom primarily uses it, and she'd complain if it were hard to use. The kid likes it fine, but would probably prefer prettier.
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I'm really likeing the looks of the seat. Cup holders are nice and leg room looks great.

BUT..just seen the Space print on the fllo, lol. So cute. Love a great cover that can be used for boys! I'm hesitant though because I have a tendency to change car seats ....not than any of you do that...

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