got a reply form Daimler Chrylser Dealer


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I had emailed them regarding finding out more information to get tether anchors installed because i wasn't getting anywhere with calling them. Here's their response:

"Unfortunately, we are unable to provide technical assistance for the
concern you described. You may contact your local DaimlerChrysler
dealership for further assistance, or you may refer to the vehicle's
Service Manual."

they gave me a website to get the service manual and i tried to find it for my year and it doesn't go back far enough. figures...i emailed them back that i couldn't order the manual did they have any other ideas and they said

"I do apologize for the inconvience this has caused you, but we do not
have any technical assistance we can provide here at the Customer
Assistance Center. If the dealer you are working with is unable to
assist you, I do suggest contacting a second dealer in your area."

the problem is that i have contacted other dealerships adn no one has experience retrofitting the tethers.

didn't someone mention there were generic installation instructions for doing it yourself? i guess i'm not even sure where it'd go. maybe i just go buy the hardware and see what the instructions say.

thanks for listening to my rambling...


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sorry, i had posted on another thread. it's a 91 plymouth grand voyager SE.

i know latch manual says parts can be ordered but local dealer says it's not possible is the basic scenario

all together ooky

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That's really crappy. I'd order the parts and do it myself then. The instructions will be included in the kit packet.

Have you physically gone to the dealer? Do you know anyone that has them retrofitted in their '91? It's amazing what pics can do to convince them.


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i don't know anyone personally who had it done for my year/make vehicle but on another thread someone had contacted a gal who had it done in a '94 plymouth grand voyager, which i think is a simillar body type. she mentioned something about them having to remove the gas tank to do it, so i'm not sure i could do it myself. i think that maybe why the dealer says it can't be done.

who knows! i was ready to give up on it the second time i had it in at the dealer for this to be done but i've gotten renewed vigor to get it figured out.


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Where are you at? Basically how it works is even if the dealer has someone there that knows how to install it they don't want to do it because they don't make money off of latch installations and it tends to be labor intensive for lots of vehicles so they just tell you they can't do it. If they are a certified dodge dealer then they're not independent and they answer to someone higher up in the chain of command. You should go and see the head of service, if he gives you the same run around get his full name and go to the owner of the dealership. Let me know if they keep giving you the run around, I have a couple of drivers that haul chrysler and I'll have them ask around at the plant and see what they say.


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Ok, I just got off the phone with my chrysler dealer. According to him there is no set anchor place on that year of van and they do not have a full steel frame in the back so there's no place to tether as far as he knows. But being the helpful person he is he is calling chrysler to see if it is possible to reinforce somewhere with steel braces because I told him I had a seat that had to be tethered. He's supposed to call me back later today and I will let you know what he says.:D


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ts_peach - I e-mailed the lady I talked to previously, so I'll let you know what, if anything, she has to say.

My thoughts on the whole thing are that the LATCH manual, which is one of the most reliable and comprehensive sources, says the MY 89-95 are the same for this particular issue. There should be absolutely no reason this can't be done for a '91 if it can be done for another (same) vehicle up to MY 95. I would definitely pursue this higher than just the dealership. :twocents: :whistle:


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No no no, it's perfectly ok to post about it here! The CPSP list is a yahoo group/list for CPS professionals and advocates (there are parents who are not techs that post there, as well) and lots of technical things get addressed there. You weren't out of line at all! :)


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No, no, no!!! I didn't mean to imply at all that you shouldn't have brought the issue here.

The CPSP list has a larger pool of experts, and since all the "normal" paths to answers seem to be dead ends, I thought one of them might be able to help.


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No, no, no!!! I didn't mean to imply at all that you shouldn't have brought the issue here.

The CPSP list has a larger pool of experts, and since all the "normal" paths to answers seem to be dead ends, I thought one of them might be able to help.

I got her an answer, chrysler does do it and they do it for free. Her dealership's just trying to screw her over. My dealer called me back in half an hour and told me they did do it and that chysler put out a special bulletin about it and all her dealer needs to do is call chrysler to get the directions and part numbers.


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URG!! :confused: This should not be a complicated mater... why do the dealerships have to be so nuts?? From what I understand Chrysler does reimburse the dealership for the parts & labor, so they shouldn't be giving you the run around... are they refusing to let you see the parts & directions that they ordered back when they were going to try to install the tethers? I still think the directions would be of great interest to you! (& me too! :p )

Do you have any trips planned to go anywhere, even a nearby town, 15 minutes away, with a Dodge dealership? Maybe you could have them order the parts & have them installed there!

Then it would be great to go back to the first dealership & show them the tethers & write a letter to Chrysler... (although it doesn't seem like chrysler cares much, which is sad to say the least!!)

I think my dad has a 91ish Plymouth/Caravan... I'm going to ask him if he could get a tether installed in it & let us know what he finds out... does anyone know which years the body style was the same as 91? Was it 88-91? Hasn't the caravan bodystyle changed slightly every 4 years, which would lead one to believe that the retro-tether would be the same for each of those 4 years the bodystyle is the same?


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! The CPSP list is a yahoo group/list for CPS professionals and advocates (there are parents who are not techs that post there, as well) and lots of technical things get addressed there.

very good. i'll go check them out.

mominabigtruck- i got your PM thank you for the great information, curious if they ever got back to you on reinforcing with steel braces because there are not set anchor points for my year? am i understanding correctly?

i'm pretty sure my local dealer is a certified dealer, i'm going to double check that. but i didn't seem to get anywhere with calling/emailing the company directly. they do know about the technical service bulletin because we went over it a few different times.

mommy2zander+baby no they aren't refusing to let me see the part or directions. i think if i called and wanted to buy the part they'd sell it to me... that was what my next step was going to be, but now i think i'll call the dealership that maminabigtruck gave me and talk to them to get more information. i've called around to a few dealers in my area and none have done any installs but i'll keep that in mind for when we travel out of state next month to check on that when we get into town (asuming this hasn't been taken care of yet that is)

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