Got a Peg? Please share


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I am really leaning towards a Peg Perego Viaggio over the Britax BV...
IF you own the Peg & love it, please share. If you hate it, please share as well. OR if you know of a website that I can order these seats from & see them in person & be able to return the one I don't like, please direct me. THANK YOU so much! :)


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We just got one over the weekend and love it. It installs great and offers much more RFing room both weight and height wise vs the BV. They are both great seats and the installs are both very solid in my car. I know this is weird to be excited about but I love that the harness adjuster is up closer to the child on the Peg so that it is much easier to adjust RFing the the BV. I'm not sure why but it is also easier to load/unload a child into in my SUV than the BV. Let me know if you have any specific questions and I willl try my best to answer them.


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I'm no expert at all and I'm sure the techs will chime in but here's my opinion FWIW, I loved the PEG loved how DD fit in it everything but the deal breaker for me was the lack of some type of anti-rebound feature such as a rear facing tether do I passed on it.


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koda&phiasmama said:
I'm no expert at all and I'm sure the techs will chime in but here's my opinion FWIW, I loved the PEG loved how DD fit in it everything but the deal breaker for me was the lack of some type of anti-rebound feature such as a rear facing tether so I passed on it.

Me too! I REALLY love the seat but I am stuck on rebound control. I couldn't decide what to do, so I bought a Coccoro and decided to just wait and see LOL.

People who would have bought the Peg if it had rebound control, please call or email them and let them know...maybe they'll bring the Canadian version here.


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I have been using my Peg for 2 weeks now. I love it! I was able to get it RF using seatbelt install and LATCH (not at the same time) with little movement in my 09 Odyssey. It did take me a good 30min to get it tight RF with seatbelt install the first time I installed it. Now it takes me 2min to install. I love how the harness adjuster is not smooshed between the vehical seat and the car seat. It sits back from the vehical seat and is reachable. It has huge well padded harness pads (I forget what they are called). My daughter does not mind them at all and when she falls asleep, they help keep her head from slumping. One thing I do not like is the seating insert cushion that needs to be used until 22lb. I feel she slouches with the insert. But she does not mind. It does not bother me that I can not teather it while RF. I feel the testing passed without it being teathered and I am fine with that. If i think of anything else, or have more to add, I will add later.


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We have a Peg Perego Convertible and so far we love it. I like the face that I can ERF her in it (technically my now 3 year old DS has not even outgrown the seat RF), he is 36lbs. The fabric is nice, as in it doesn't feel cheap and allows air flow/breathes (my DD has not sweated in the seat, but has in a Britax Marathon). The seat seems very well made, it was very easy to install in my '11 Honda Odyssey. It took me longer to adjust the seat to fit my DD than it did to install with LATCH (took maybe a minute at the longest, but not even). It took me about a good 3 minutes to install it RF with seatbelt the first time (but I think you could get quicker at it once you figure out what you are doing the first time around, lol)...

Another reason why we got this seat is because it takes up a little less room RF, my DH is tall 6ft, so he drives with the seat pushed all the way back. This seat first nicely RF in our van. We use the CCO in his truck. Other seats we tried RF before we decided on this one from room were the Britax Marathon and the Radian.

The downfalls of the seat that I have come across are that the owners manual is a piece of junk :)eek:) and the seat has not anti-rebound feature. But that did not stop me from getting this seat.


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I ordered one with the intent to replace my bv70. It was easy to use and install. Nice and solid like the bv. But it only gave 1" of growing room over the bv rearfacing and forward facing my 5yo had 1/2" in each. So even though the measurements suggest much more room, I didn't find that to be true. Legroom in the peg was ever so slightly more than the bv but not much at all. I didn't keep the peg. It wasn't worth it for 1". I did like it though. Just to expensive to justify keeping when it wouldn't last much longer than the seat I already have.

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