GACK!...MIL wants to take my boys X-country!


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So, MIL wants to take my boys X-country, not to where she lives & there's a tech at the fire station, literally across the street, but directly to San Diego, so's they can go to Legoland. I need to ensure she gets to a tech there...she was postulating she could get the car rental company to install the FREAKING WAY!!! :eek: Gack... Anyway, anyone have contacts in San Diego, that maybe could meet her at the airport? I've got one in a booster, who's ok, but my 4 yo is only 34lbs and still NEEDS a harnessed seat. Besides, he's a wildman & I don't trust him in a booster...

Oh, and based on past experience, I do not trust her to install a seat correctly.

Ann, freaked out mom


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so, let me understand: she is going to fly x-country with the kiddos, and then rent a vehicle there to take them to legoland. you are looking for a tech at the destination spot, near the airport/car rental, right?


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Aye, I would never let anyone take my kids in an airplane or a car if I did not trust them 100%. My mom lives 4 blocks from me and I don't let my daughter ride with her for any reason because I don't trust her.

It sounds like you are also worried, so honestly, I dunno, I hope it all works out with the tech and everything.


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I just took my tech class down in SD, but, you know, they all work. Like, full-time.

I think best bet would be either tell her "No," or have her make an appointment with a tech down there NOW to make sure she gets in as short notice is likely not to work out (my instructor works with the Pacific Safety Council; they do paid individual checks by appointment.)


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(I just looked up rates and according to their website my instructor charges $40 for the first seat and $10 for each additional, and estimates at least an hour for one seat.

She's REALLY good. It might be worth the $50 to have her teach MIL to install and use those seats properly!)


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Thanks...can you forward me the contact info?

I've done the informational thing with MIL before, but she gets a glazed look and stops listening. Maybe I need to write her up a card of bullet points to remember, like route belt HERE, and Moves less than an inch, etc. That might get her thru. After, of course, having had the lesson and the hands on here.

The other problem is that the seat she'd have to install would be a Radian, and we all know that they can be challenging. Though, I do have a Scenera ds still fits into...she might do better with that. I think I'll try her on both. Ods is in a booster and can advocate for himself, Yds is starting to, but he's not there yet. He's finally gottten the "if mommy can pinch the strap at the shoulder, it's too loose", but that's as far as it goes.

She's ok with dealing with the carseats if they're already installed, it's the installation I'm concerned about. She's been known to take them out to clean a car and then just plop it back in, not buckling at all. It's good for her to have choices about whether or not she installs the seats.

Anyway, the reason that this is all happening is that we're moving, a big house, 3000 sf plus another 3000 sf of basement & attic, and having the kids out from underfoot while this is going on is a good idea. I need for them to be safe while they're away, and having options for her to either a) learn how to do it properly or b) pay someone else to do it are important!

Thank you all!


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I'll send you the info via PM. She WILL install those seats though. My instructor makes sure that except in exceptional circumstances she is not the last person to touch them. ;)

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