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I am working with a low income single mom in California who needs a convertible seat. She is interested in the
radian 3R due to its lower price than other multi mode seats. She prefers something that can last for years to come since she can't afford a new seat. she can only afford 125 of the 199+shipping. Does anyone know of any programs or anything that can help her cost the remaining cost or supply her with a safe seat for her child. she had originally bought a harness - booster for her daughter , who is 1 and half and after talking to her about the safety rear facing longer she returned it but she can't afford a new seat. her daughter is currently in a infant carrier. I have tried contacting the Kyle David miller foundation but have not been able to find their info.


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I don't think there are any programs that are going to be able to help her purchase a Radian. I would recommend she take the money she has and buy her daughter an affordable seat that will last her baby through Kindergarten, such as the Evenflo Titan65/SureRide or Evenflo Sonus or maybe a Graco Contender. The Evenflos should be available for under $100 on sale most days, and sometimes the Contender as well. Then put the rest of the money aside in a drawer for a booster later. If she adds about 50 cents per month to her "booster fund" that she started with the money she saved by buying a convertible instead of an all-in-one, she'll have plenty of money in 5 or 6 years to have options to choose from among the available highback boosters on the market. If she doesn't add anything to it at all, she still should be able to afford a decent backless booster.

Even among "multi mode" seats the Radian is not lower priced than others, especially since its booster function is nearly useless for most children and all kids will eventually need to follow it up with a booster anyway. Many possibilities include the Cosco Easy Elite ($100), the Safety 1st Grow n Go ($140), the Evenflo EveryFKid ($170), or the Graco Grows4me ($200) .

If you can connect with the Safe Kids coalition in your area, you might be able to find free or reduced cost seats, but they're more likely to be something like a Cosco Scenera NEXT ($50 retail) or the Evenflo SureRide or Titan65 mentioned above. The Scenera is a good option for a toddler also if she just wants to go out and buy a seat, but it will be outgrown in another 2-ish years probably; still, she could use the strategy I mentioned above, and sock away a little money each month so by the time she needs another seat she can have several options of forward facing combination seats which can convert to boosters later; these can often be found at around $100, some models as low as $50.


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Also, if she does buy a Radian, or really anything, make sure she gets a free returns policy. It will cost a small fortune to ship back a heavy Radian if she finds it doesn't live up to expectations. For the price point, the Graco TrioGrow on sale at $179 is a really nice option too:
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A Radian is unlikely to be the best seat in this circumstance. It is far cheaper to buy a long lasting rear-facing and forward-facing convertible convertible plus a booster. Besides which, the Radians have install difficulties in many vehicles and are usually outgrown earlier than expected forward facing, with a nearly unuseable booster mode.

How large is the child in question?


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I agree with the others. If she can afford $125, do a Graco Contender, Evenflo SureRide, or Urbini Presti for now and then set the extra aside or save up $40 for a booster when kid 5 to 6 years old.


Do you have the rear facing limits for those? I'm assuming the forward is 65. and the chld is about 25 pounds and tall. I don't have her exact height.

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