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We just bought a 2017 Ford Transit 15 seater. The last row of seats are removed so it's actually an 11 seater. My question is what Carseat in rear facing will fit in the third row? I tried to put one convertible seats there and on the least recline for rear facing it still touches the back of the seat in front of it. Everyone says the extend2fit fits in that row but also that our sequel and extend2fit are the same size We have three in carseats. 1) 20 months, 30 lbs 32 inches in a Graco sequel 2) 20 months, 23lbs 30 inches in Graco sequel. 3) 2 months, 13 lbs 23 inches in a Graco Click connect 35. They all fit across the first row but it's not ideal for getting them in. What are some options for convertible seats for the 3rd row that aren't so deep. Budget would be under 200.00 but would like as inexpensive as possible.


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Define touching. Gently touching the fabric of the seat in front? Making a dent in the fabric but you can slide your fingers through? Jammed up against it? Does it touch when the seat is fully installed, or when you set it on the vehicle seat? These can make a big difference!

If it really won't work, I'd look at the Cosco Scenera Next. It can be installed as upright as needed RF for your toddlers, and it's under $50. It isn't a super long-lasting seat, but it did get my kid to 40" RF. The limit is 40 pounds, 40 inches, or head an inch from the top. Then you can use the E2F and Sequel FF since the Next has very low harness straps.

I would suggest keeping the youngest in the second row. There is more space for the deeper recline they need, and it's easier to work around a base if you have other kids to buckle there. Some people will place the infant carrier in the front seat or on the floor, buckle older kids, then click the seat into the base.


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There is no room to slide anything in between. It's definitely braced on the seat in front of it. I'm going to attempt to get it in tighter tomorrow and see if that helps. I feel like even 1/2- 1 inch would make it work. If it doesn't I'll get that Scenera for the time being. Thank you!


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If you can find a way to get behind the seat and use your hips to push it back into the back of the vehicle seat, that could give you enough space between the seats. I don't know if those seats fold down, which would make this easier. Good luck!


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In the third row, it might be OK to have a rear-facing convertible seat touching the back of the 2nd row seat, as long as the owner's manuals don't prohibit this. You won't have the issue of a rear-facing seat touching the back of the front passenger seat and possibly causing the frontal airbag sensor to be fooled. Of course, regardless of which row, there is a concern for newborns and small babies if the bracing causes the seat to be too upright or interferes with the carrier of an infant seat clicking into the base. Also, always make sure the top of the child's head is below the seated height limit, typically at least 1" from the top of the plastic shell.

Pushing both downward and back into the seat like MelodyofTheForest mentioned is always a good trick that may buy you a little front-to-back room. Also as she said, some car seats can be installed a little more upright than others for older babies (usually those that can sit upright and support their head unassisted).

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