Ford Flex carseat placement


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We just bought a 2011 Ford Flex. I am wondering where the best spot to put the carseats are? It has the middle bench seat, I don't foresee us having to use the 3rd row seating for now so I'm thinking the middle row is best. I currently have an 18month old RF in a Graco MR65. I am pregnant with my second, due in November. The new baby will be in a Graco Snugride 35. The middle seat doesn't have LATCH so if I put one there I'd have to use the seat belt. Thanks for the help :)


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I have no idea what the backseat space is like in a Flex but ideal would be baby center and RF toddler outboard. If the seats don't fit side by side I would put the toddler behind the driver and baby behind the passenger since you can install the Myride more upright.


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A RF car seat doesn't work in the middle of the second row bench. It has plastic parts that cover the hinges. A RF seat hits on those plastic parts. At least a Radian & Marathon do, I'd think all RF seats would. In an accident, that plastic could break and make the installation loose. A tech from this board worked on it and confirmed the problem. That's the only spot that doesn't hold RF seats. FF seats work great there.

So...I'd put them both outboard. You should have plenty of room for the front seats. I do find the seats to be squishy so after a couple days you'll probably need to tighten a bit more. A small adult should be able to fit between the seats in a pinch. You could also load through the hatch if you really needed someone back there.

Just so you're aware, sometimes an older child can use their foot to reach the button that flips the smaller part of the seat (the child on the passenger side). My girls never did it and they rear faced until about 4. My daycare figured it out. I'm sure I could've worked with her to stop, but I was lazy and just moved seats around. I think she could do it in the Marathon but not the Radian. Luckily, the seat doesn't actually flip when a car seat is in by LATCH or seatbelt. It just makes a fun noise and is probably super bad for the motor on it.


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My Flex is a 2011 and we love it!
I'd put them both outboard too. Melanie's right about the middle of the bench, but my FF Radian fits there beautifully right next to a RF coccoro. I currently have both my kids on the larger part of my bench, but I wouldn't be able to do that with 2 RFers.

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