Force the issue or let it ride?


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I'd also tell him that if he behaves in the seat and everything (same for Chy) that there is something special once they get off the plane. :)


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Thanks everyone. We don't know yet if DH is flying with us or not, but if he is he'll be sitting in front of Chy. Our first flight is 3 hours on a Saab 340, two seats on one side and one seat on the other. That flight Chy will sit next to the window, I'll be next to the aisle and Colton will be across the aisle. Our second flight is 3 hours on a 737 with three in an aisle. DH will sit in front of Chy if he's going. Our third flight is an hour (and I don't know the size of the plane, but two seats on each side of the aisle). Colton and I have been discussing the issue, and he's all about safety. I told him the safest way for him and Chy to ride is in the Radian and MA, respectively. DH also wore some shorts today (before leaving the house, lol) with flowers on them. He talked to Colton about how flowers are pretty for a boy or girl, blah blah blah, you get the picture. I think Colton is feeling better about it. But if we get there and he melts down, then he can have the MA and Chy will be in the Radian and we'll all just deal. :cool:

You're coming to Oregon? :) :) :)
DH lost his job, we're moving home. I hate to see DH so upset about losing the opportunities he had here, but I am so happy to get off this stupid island.

Oh, and if anyone wants to post pictures of a boy in a Spring/Flora seat I'd love to show Colton. I think that would help quite a bit. He's very influenced by his peers, which normally bugs me but I could use it to my advantage this time. :whistle:


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I've been trying to move photos around so I could post some but it's not working. PM me and I'll try to get you some that way if you are still in need.


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Honestly, for the sanity of the passengers around you, this is not a fight I'd go for. It's not as if she were a baby baby. At 2yrs old, I would FF her on the plane and be done with it. Though I don't understand why you can't just use the RN rf'ing for her? I'm assuming it must fit or it wouldn't have been approved for use...??


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I'm assuming it must fit or it wouldn't have been approved for use...??
They do NOT test for "between row fit" as part of FAA approval. In fact, IIRC it's just an inversion test, or maybe that's Canada. I can't imagine a RF RN fitting between coach seats, unless maybe it had an angle adjuster, or it was braced. Plus the boot and ugh... no, thank you.


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We went through this with my son when it was time for him to move into his sisters old Monet tf, I just very matter of fact said "flowers are not just for girls, that is silly everyone can like flowers they are pretty, and pink is a great color daddy has a pink shirt." Now he insists on wearing some flower print jeans she passed down to him, but I really don't mind in the least, I hate gender stereotypes.


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Colton has decided he likes the seat now. He still prefers his Mossy Oak MA, but he's okay with riding in the RN for the flights.

As for RF Chy, it's not necessarily a safety thing for me. I know it *is* safer, but mostly I'd like to do it for the sanity of the passenger of the seat in front of her. Yes, it's easy to say "tell her to stop or let the passenger deal with it" but Chy is a HORRIBLE flyer. She is normally a monster, but on airplanes, it's multiplied by thousands. When she's RF, she can't kick the seat in front of her or mess with the tray table (or want me to mess with the tray table) and isn't constantly being told no or having her feet held down, which in turn means she is better all around. Plus, this sounds terrible, but if she's RF and can't really see anything and I more or less ignore her, she'll sleep. If I engage her in the least, she will not nap. Even when she is desperately tired. So RF really does work best for her on planes.

Thanks for the picture, An Aurora, I'm going to show Colton!


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Oh, you're moving and he's having a hard time? :( I didn't know the whole story, just that you had a flight coming up. FF his 2 year old sister on the flight and leave them in their own seats. No question. I started ff my kids on flights between age 2 and 3 anyway.

The person in front of her can deal with the kicking. Will you all 4 be flying together? If the plane seats 3 on each side, maybe put dh in front of her. Or if they're two on each side, put ds in front of her. Maybe just sit 2 and 2 in consecutive rows anyway? That way he's in front of her and you don't have to stress about the kicking.

This is how we solve teh kicking problem. And constantly remind - Feet off the seat.

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