For those of you who have had carsick kids...


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Did switching seats help?

16 month old DD has thrown up 6 times or so in the last two weeks. She's been rear facing in a Peg convertible for about a month having been in a TFP before that. It happened once in the TFP in March while driving to Vancouver. It seems to be worse if she has eaten at all beforehand, and happens mostly on trips over 20 minutes.

She's always had a pretty light gag reflex and also vomits if she gets crying too hard.

I much prefer her fit in the Peg but I can try the TFP again and also our RXT. The Peg does have some slightly larger headwings, but could that alone be the cause? (I prefer my TFP be my spare so I like my setup now and I want the Peg to work!)

Are there any other easy remedies I should be trying? I've got a vent pointing on her. She's got a mirror I can remove. Maybe put her third row so she can look out the back? Some anti nausea med that's safe for her age?


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Nope. We tried different seats, different positions in the car, different angles, FF/RF, even different cars and drivers.

I had some luck prohibiting dairy at least 1 hr before getting in the car but basically dd puked every time she was driven until she was 2.5. Around then I taught her how to aim for a small bucket so at least we managed to reduce the mess. She didn't stop completely until she was maybe 3.5.


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My son had horrible car sickness. I don't know what helped. Around the same time he went from rear facing to forward facing, he started riding in a Britax Regent that didn't have deep sides, and we got a new van with DVD players. So I don't know if he somehow outgrew the sickness, if forward facing helped, if having a carseat he could see out the window better helped, or if having the DVD player to watch helped. I will say he doesn't get car sick at all anymore and he is now almost 7.


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Have you had her ears and sinuses checked since she's having such a sudden increase in symptoms?
I have not, but that's a great point that I had not thought of. I'll get her checked out - I was thinking of visiting her ped soon for an unrelated issue anyway.

Like you said, it's a bit sudden which has me thrown off. The only thing that has recently changed is the carseat (bought at the beginning of May) but I would not have thought the slight difference in view would be enough to cause it. Either way, the TFP is back in the car for her for now, and I'll make an appointment.


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The temperature made a difference with DD2. She got carsick a lot but it was worse when it was hot outside. The only thing that made a difference was having really cold air blowing right on her face (we have overhead vents). Thankfully, she outgrew it around 2 while still rf in the same seats and vehicle.
I agree with checking her ears. If milk was started at a year, maybe that's causing trouble.


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I was a sometimes car sick kid, and still am that way as an adult. There was even a car that I felt sick driving. Maybe a different spot in the car would help. I avoid the back, but of course that won't work for her. Maybe closer to a window so she could see out would help. If she would eat ginger of some sort it may help. There are ginger cookies and candies.

This might help keep her cool and won't get her soaked. I would try taking off the mirror. One of my previous cars had a small blind spot mirror on the regular rear view. I did get used to it after a few days, but for the first few it did make me nauseous. I debated putting tape over it or ripping it off. It can't hurt to try taking it off and seeing if it helps.

On long trips now, I volunteer to drive and I keep Dramamine on me in case someone else drives. I also can't eat dairy if I have a cough and will be getting in a car. I will cough/puke it up. Definitely check that out if she's recently started having an issue and also recently started milk.


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The only thing that made a difference was having really cold air blowing right on her face (we have overhead vents)....If milk was started at a year, maybe that's causing trouble.
Thanks! I'm going to check that the vent is pointed correctly. Milk has been a thought as well, DH is lactose intolerant but she has never shown signs and doesn't really drink/eat much of it. (is still breastfed, but mostly around nap and bedtime and has water otherwise)

This is the only thing that works for DD. And I love that it is topical vs oral. Motion-Eaze
Not sure I can find that as I'm in Canada, but I'll keep it or something similar on my radar. :)

Maybe a different spot in the car would help. I avoid the back, but of course that won't work for her.....I would try taking off the mirror....
Good thoughts, too. She's in a captains chair in my van, but if it keeps up I'll try her in the third row. It's shorter and probably has a better, wider view. I may also move the mirror to the third row as well - somewhere I can still see her but she can't watch it. She's totally silent, the only way I know she has been sick is because my 4 year old starts gagging in the opposite chair.

Thanks, all. Good suggestions. I'll start working down the list and hopefully something works.


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My son only ever gets car sick in mini vans, it slightly better in the 2nd row and horrendous in the 3rd row. The last time we went in a mini van he got so car sick that we spent the day in a&e getting anti-emetics and rehydrating him instead of swimming. I am never buying or letting him ride in a van again lol


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This was my first thought. If it's sudden, it's likely it's in her head (physiologically).

Haha. I laughed, physiologically or not. :p I did have her ears checked on Tuesday and they looked good. She's been in the TFP all week and has been fine, but we didn't go all that far either (aside from to and from our pediatrician).

I need my spare over the weekend so she's going to have to go back into the Peg, but she has also come down with a cold. She's coughing a lot, which with her leads very easily to vomiting, so it won't be a true test until she's over this.

Thanks for all the advice! To be continued....

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