Foonf + Go-go Babyz = Success (so far)

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Getting ready to lug the Foonf and a Radian RXT on a flight tomorrow evening, so just fitted the go-go Babyz up to the Foonf. Fits better than expected! The rigid latch points nest perfectly outside of the little "shelves" that the base sits on - makes it feel pretty solid.


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I had great success with this combo. It stayed rock solid the whole trip. I liked the GGB better than a cart because the handle was longer so I could push it in front of me if I wanted. Since I was given the GGB used, I wasn't sure how much abuse it had taken so I wrapped an adjustable bungee cord around the bars of the Foonf head rest. There was no way I wanted to hand carry the Foonf in case the strap on the GGB broke. DS loved it. We were walking to our gate and a man said to DS, "Travelling in style little man." DS looked like this :D.


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I'd love it if you'd update this thread when you have time or are back from your trip. :love:

I'd love to hear how the Foonf fit rf'ing on the plane (if you used it rf'ing,) and would be even more appreciative of pictures if you have some of those. I've seen ff'ing ones but rf'ing plane pictures are in shorter supply and rf'ing tends to be asked about more often.

I hope you've had a great trip.

AK Dad

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We FFd on the way down and put the little one in the Radian RF. I'd love to try RF on the way home and I might, but I'm not sure the geometry is going to work out with the buckle being right in the middle. I might try it with a belt extender just out of curiosity. As RF crazed as I am, I'm still ok with FFing the 3.5yo while flying ... :)


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Thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip and have safe travels on the way home. I wasn't sure which seat you'd decided to use rf'ing on the plane of the two. I totally understand not rf'ing the 3.5yr old.

AK Dad

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OK, so I tried to RF the Foonf on the way home and no dice - couldn't even jam it down to even get to the point of trying the belt path. I think based on where the buckle will end up that it won't work anyway, even if you had the room to do it. It might fit w/o the ARB, but I don't think that's allowed, right?
Anyway, it worked out for us with the Radian and the Foonf because the Foonf has a couple of things going for it:
1) Compatibility with the Go-Go Babyz wheels - very, very solid install and was a great place for the 11mo to ride around the airport, plus makes the weight of the Foonf almost a non-issue since it is narrow enough to fit down the aisle.
2) Works great FFing, although it does sit so high it makes the tray table unusable.

So, it was a bit of work since the 11mo rode in the Foonf until we got onboard, then I got the Radian installed RF'd (with AA, and then only barely fit), then put the 3.5yo FF'd in the Foonf.

Overall, I think if we were frequent flyers and/or we had a destination that required multiple connections, I'd probably just get some smaller, lighter seats for travel. Not sure what those would be exactly without compromising what I'd want at the destination, but we travel so infrequently that I'll just suck it up and keep using this setup for now ...


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Yeah, I feel the same way. I wouldn't want to travel frequently with the Foonf but a few times a year is fine. If I wanted to try to RF DS so he could sleep better on a long flight, I don't think I would worry about the ARB so I could have more room front to back:duck:. The Foonf would still keep him from becoming a projectile without it and I am not really worried about the plane crashing. I am more concerned about him riding in the car rental shuttle unrestrained once we land. But I am not a tech and that would be a parental decision thing.

For FF, I used this tray with a folded up sweater underneath and it was great. The edges kept his vehicles from rolling off the edge of the tray.

[ame=""] Star Kids Snack and Play Travel Tray: Baby[/ame]

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