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DH & I have yet to fly anywhere with DD (currently 16 months). We plan on going to disneyland in August or September so she'll still be under 2.

How does flying work with a carseat? I plan on bringing the carseat on the plane with us. If there's an extra seat, she'll be in her carseat on the plan, if not she'll be a lap baby (yes, I know, i know!). Will a scenera fit on the plan or do i need to use her radian?

Would something like this work well with either of those 2 car seats?
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I would not personally choose to have a lap baby because of the safety risk of turning my child into a cabin projectile. I also wouldn't relish the idea of holding/restraining a toddler for an extended amount of time. It was worth it to me to purchase a seat.

To answer your question, both seats fit on a plane fine. If you are going to check the seat, which isn't recommended, then I'd take the cheapest seat and never use it again.

I had a Go-Go baby and didn't care for it. I'd either put the S on a regular luggage cart with budgie cord or use the straps on the Radian.
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If she doesn't have her own seat, I'd recommend bringing the Radian--if the plane is full, you can put it in the overhead bin instead of checking it. It'd probably have to go FF on the plane, but at almost 2, I'd personally be okay with that. We've done this with our boys and have never had any trouble with it up there. The last time we flew it worked out well, since there was a last minute no-show in the row behind us and the flight attendant convinced the lady across the aisle to move back a row so we could pull it out and use it at the last minute.

We put the Radian on the stroller to get through the airport and use the backpack straps to actually get on the plane. If you do end up holding her, do you have a front carrier that you can put her in during the cruising portion of the flight (not taxi or takeoff/landing)? I've found that my guys are more likely to sleep curled up on me if I'm wearing them instead of being free to wiggle around. Although if both you and DH are traveling, it wouldn't be as big of a deal, since she could move back and forth between the two of you. One last note if it's both of you--during taxi and takeoff/landing I prefer squeezing the lap child in between myself and DH and wrapping my arms around him rather than holding him in my lap. I know in a real emergency I might not be able to hold onto him tightly enough, but at least he's not in between me and the seat in front, yk?


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I would bring the radian I think you can get straps for it to turn into a backpack but a regular luggage cart and bungee cords also works just fine. Or if you're bringing a stroller just put the car seat on that and gate check the stroller.

I know not everyone can afford an extra seat as airfare is expensive.
That being said traveling with a toddler is not fun, you will be chasing her around the whole time if she is walking. I would bring little activities or snacks to keep her entertained.


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Thanks ladies.

We probably will end up bringing her jogging stroller. and thanks Cupcakepirate...I totally forgot about the radian strap!

I do have a carrier so i can baby wear on the plane. I refuse to check the carseat and I can't afford a 3rd ticket. I'm guessing gatechecking a carseat isn't safe either (i'm hoping gate checking a stroller won't mess it up) I'm really just hoping that when we get on the plane there will be an extra seat available and I can use DD's car seat.


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I've gate checked a few strollers they end up kind of dirty but generally fine.
As far as a seat on the plane I would ask to get seats next to an empty seat and see how full the flight is that way your chances of getting a seat are better or asking for a window and aisle seat so the middle is more likely to be open!
Also check with the gate agent and be really nice!! The only spot you can rear face is the window.
But if the flight is full and there is a lot of standby I would not get my hopes up :/

Pps I brought my Bob jogger and it was fine :)

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I know not everyone can afford a second seat, and if it's an emergency I understand that, but planning a vacation is something completely different.


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An Aurora said:
I know not everyone can afford a second seat, and if it's an emergency I understand that, but planning a vacation is something completely different.
I hope I didn't come off as rude by saying that. I could not afford an extra seat when we went out west, its not the best option to do so but it is an option


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If you can't afford to keep everyone safe on a plane (since your baby projectile can easily kill another passenger), please don't go on vacation. It's just not worth it. Or save up a bit more, go a month or two later, and buy another seat. Taking everyone's life, not just your baby's, so casually is remarkably frustrating for those of us who do take the time and spend the money to keep our kids safe on a plane. If I buy a ticket for my two year old, put her in her carseat, get everything nice and tight, and we're in a runway accident and she's killed by a 16 month old projectile because the other baby's mom wouldn't buy a ticket, I'm going to be massively annoyed. The only things allowed to NOT be restrained on a flight, btw, are kids under two. The coffee pot and soap in the lav get more love from the FAA (which, btw, never recommends lap babies and always recommends a carseat until 40 pounds).

Did you know the safest place for your little one during turbulence or an emergency is in a government-approved child restraint system (CRS) or device, not on your lap?
First paragraph on that page.

So please, save someone else's life. Buy a ticket, or stay home. If you can't afford for everyone to go on vacation, it just doesn't happen. Rule of life for all of us. There are tons of times I wish we could have gone somewere, but after pricing four tickets it just wasn't happening. Or three tickets and leave my husband home. Sometimes he and my older daughter would go somewhere and Laine and I would stay home for financial reasons. Or only my husband would go and be a representative for our family. But for a vacation, we plan to pay for everyone. What would you do in eight months anyway? Pretend she's two and she needs a ticket.



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As others have said, if you can avoid having a lap child, so much the better. It really is safer for you, for baby, and for your fellow passengers if they are restrained in their own seat. And honestly, the three times I've flown with lap children (yes, I have done it, won't do it ever again) were far more exhausting and stressful for both them, myself, and those around me than having my children strapped in to their own car seats on the plane. For some reason, I always feel that everyone around me is visibly relieved when they see me strap my children into a carseat. Whereas, with a lap child, I always felt like all eyes were on me.... call it being self-conscious, but I think fellow travelers, deep in their gut, even without the knowledge that Wendy and others have given them, are more comfortable seeing small children properly restrained in a car seat on the plane.

As cupcakepirate mentioned, you can not wear your baby during taxi, takeoff, or landing.

I have gate checked a BOB before (once was enough!) and opted to secure it closed with a luggage strap because it does not latch closed. Since then, I've found that I prefer flying with our Maclaren. Much lighter, much easier to fold. I've been fortunate and it has always arrived in one piece at our destination. I would consider looking into a more lightweight and easier to manage stroller than a jogger for your trip.

For carseats on the plane, we use our RNs and enjoy using them for travel. They work very well FFing on the plane, and are very manageable in the airport with the backpack straps. The boys are pleased as punch to be in them as well.

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