Flying with a 3.5 year old


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Thanks. But we already have 2 good seats for our cars so that's why I am hoping we won't need to purchase a 3rd. Fingers crossed!

The maestro seems to be the cheapest option I can find at around $70.


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OP here again.

Anyone have any experience with the Evenflo Chase? I saw it at Walmart and it seemed narrow/light. The downside I am seeing is that it can only be used harnessed up to 40 pounds.

Our vacation may not be in February anymore. It may be pushed to June. So he'll be even less likely to fit in the Scenera by then. He'll be almost 4 years old. He's almost 3 now and only around 33 pounds. I think kids only gain a couple pounds a year at this point (which looking at his records, seems about right for the past year.) So I suspect the 40 pound weight limit with the Evenflo Chase would be okay.


Another one I looked at was the Safety 1st Guide 65 but a lot of people talk about it tipping their child's head forward a bit too much.


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Yes, it's likely the Chase would still fit. For a few dollars more though (sometimes less) you could get the Maestro, which is basically the same seat but with a 50 lb limit just in case he fits by height past 40, give you a bit more use.


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Dumb question - if you fly with a 5 year old and do NOT need a car seat at your you just use the airplane seat belt?

I ask because after our flight next year...we likely won't fly again until he is 5 or 5 and a half.

So whatever seat we get really just needs to work for him next year (February, March, or maybe June.) I don't suspect he'll gain 7 pounds in the next year. (He has gained around 3.5 pounds in the last 11 months.)


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It really depends on the kid. I had a long and lanky kid who didn't fit the belt on United at 7 1/2. And some kids will sleep in a car seat but not without one. But in many cases that's fine.

The Maestro is no bulkier and only a couple lbs heavier than the Chase. Really, identical molds.


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So we were out and about yesterday and stopped into Babies R Us to check out the Maestro. You're right, it wasn't that bulky at all. I felt like it had more padding than the Chase (at least from what I remember....I'll have to look again next time we're at Walmart.)

I think it's definitely a good option so thanks!

I brought the old Cosco Scenera up from storage and tried to get my son to sit in it. It just made him angry so it was hard to see where the top of the straps hit it. I think there's still a little room to go so he may fit it in February.

But now I am wondering if he'll be pickier about comfort this time around now that he's older.

We'll have 2 flights on each travel day. The longest one is close to 3 hours.

As for sleeping...he pretty much never falls asleep in his car seat so I don't suspect he'll sleep on the plane.

(He has developmental delays and doesn't talk so it's hard to say if he found the seat uncomfortable or if he was just annoyed with the concept of sitting in a car seat in the living room.)


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Just saw the above post...our home ones are too bulky for travel.

We ended up getting the Maestro for a good price on Amazon. Though I was disappointed because it had less seat padding than the one at Babies R Us. The seat was more springy/soft on that one. It's thinner on the one we got. Kind of stinks since the padding was a big reason for choosing this one. Oh well.

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