Flying this week, will our seat work?


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We are flying this week to go meet my husband. It's my kids first flight and with that being said my first time taking them both by myself on a flight.

The last time I flew I was pregnant with my first DD (7 years ago)...

Our kids are 6.5 and 3.5, I was planning on bringing our Cosco Scenera with us for the 3.5 year old (I need to weigh her this week but I'm pretty positive she still fits).

Is this seat approved for aircraft use?

How would I know?

If she doesn't fit then I'll need to get my husband to pick her up a seat on the other end and the only choice he really has to shop at is Walmart. Don't know what seat to get however...

If it isn't approved does WestJet allow for gate/sky checking? I was planning on calling them (their website says I have to if I am going to use it?) but wanted to ask here first. I have a carry/storage bag for it, would getting some bubble wrap and then putting it in the bag help at all with sky checking. It's one of our older seats so if it did get damaged it wouldn't be the end of the world, except we wouldn't have a seat on the other end.

Is there any special tricks to installing it on the aircraft?

I will probably only take it "with" us and not bring it home. It will stay with my husband until we move or he comes home (it's one of our "extra" seats).

He's picking up a booster on the other end at Walmart for our 6.5 year old.

Anything else I need to know about flying with two kids? :eek:

Our flights are at good times and pretty direct but seeing as I've never done it before and they have never flown before I am stressing a little.


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Yes, the Scenera is FAA approved. The seat's manual and the sticker on the side of the seat both indicate this, if you need to show it to a flight attendant.


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All infant and child restraints in Canada are approved for airline use. Where are you flying to?

I haven't used the Scenera on a plane myself so I will let someone else chime in with any tricks that are needed. Definitely use the seat though, she will be so much more comfortable than in the belt and she knows how to sit properly that way. Putting a 3 year old in to a seat belt is just an invitation to let them jump out of the seat at any chance.

Do they like television? Westjet has individual TVs on the seat backs of each seat, so they can choose their own show to watch. Bring ear buds or head phones. Snacks are limited on board and are very pricey so bring your own. Crayons and a note pad, books, leapster, or any other small items to keep them busy are good too.

Oh, check her height also to make sure that she isn't too tall for the Scenera. (harness needs to be above shoulders for forward facing and shell needs to be to the tops of her ears.)

ETA: This was in the Canadian forum when I started typing but now it has been moved. If aren't in Canada you can disregard my comment about Canadian seats.


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Thank you, the restraints are above her shoulders and ears are below... Last time I checked she was well under 40lbs but it's been a while.

And yes we are in Canada ;) We're flying YYJ to Edmonton and then we're coming home from a different airport (long story ;) )

No one I know has ever used a carseat on board and all of our family (no real shockers they are not "up" on carseat stuff) are shocked that I would even consider sky checking it, let alone installing onboard.

And it's been so long since I've flown... Can you use any headphones? I remember always having to buy them because they had to have special adaptors!

And what's the deal with snacks? Is it only large amounts of liquid we aren't allowed to bring in our carry on or do snacks need to be seperated by a certain amount too? I have celiac and my oldest has a peanut allergy so it would be nice to bring something small to snack on. Do you still get a small drink during the flight or do you have to pay for that too?


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Bring as many (non-gel, non-liquid) snacks/sandwiches/whatever as you will need. They usually serve free soft drinks on board but I also find it helpful to bring empty water bottles/sippy cups for everyone, and fill them in the airport. That way I'm not paying airport prices of $2 for a small bottle of water, have as much to drink as I need, and if turbulence leads to no drink service (has happened to me twice) my family all have water to drink anyway.


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Westjet headphones are the same type that you would use for an MP3 player, so just bring your own. You can buy them onboard if you don't have any but they're probably not the cheapest and they do not accept cash on board anymore. Credit card or pre-paid vouchers only. :thumbsdown:

Onboard service will include beverages (pop, water) and a small snack like cookies or pretzels. Definitely bring your own snacks. Just stick with water on the flight so the kids aren't hyped up. We brought our empty foogos and just had them fill those. Open-top cups + kids + turbulence = soaking wet mom.

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