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Where do you find Keen sandals on sale? I want to get some for the kids this summer. I need sizes 6, 8, and 10. or 7, 9, and 11. It depends on how the sandals fit.

I can only find them for $40 at the cheapest and was hoping to find them closer to $35 or $30. Is there somewhere I should be looking?


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They pop up on Zulily now and then. You can set alerts for your favorite brands. (Apologies if you are somewhere w/o Zulily access).

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They dont' have them on either site. I can only find girl ones from Amazon for $40. I think I'll get those for Claudia and keep looking for Oliver. $40 is sounding good now, because most of them are $45 or $50.


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I was also going to suggest Zulily. That is where I stocked up on them a couple of years ago. Nour finally fits into the size 11's I bought!

Olly Shoes has them too IIRC.


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You can get them at Stride Rite in store for buy one get one half price when they have the sale going on which seems fairly frequently. I forget now what that makes them. It's been a couple of years since I got them there.


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You can get them at Stride Rite in store for buy one get one half price when they have the sale going on which seems fairly frequently. I forget now what that makes them. It's been a couple of years since I got them there.

I have never seen Keen at Stride Rite. I know they carry Sperry and Keds- are you sure they carry Keen?


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REI also puts a couple of colors of the newports on sale every year, usually it is a little later in May. The toddler sizes are usually $24-$29. Other than that I just keep my eye on Zulilly, 6pm and Amazon.


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Thanks! I had never heard of Shoebuy. I was going to get Newports, but I am sure the Whisper would be fine too. They have a cute pair on sale that I could get for Claudia.

I guess I better go out with the kids tonight to try some on somewhere so we know what size to order.


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Doesn't help you now but at the end of the summer you can often get them for $20 at REI (for kids). I try to make my best guess and buy a year ahead.


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The kids tried shoes on, picked out the colors they wanted and I went to order from Shoebuy with the 20% off promotion. Once in my cart, it wouldn't apply promotion. I called and some brands don't participate and they said there is no way of knowing until you put them in your cart and apply promotion.

Back to searching. I am mad!


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Keens can be tough to find on sale, but the others had great suggestions. I love my Keens, but I bought a pair for my son last year and he hated them. Will not wear them at all. Don't know why. But both of my kids will wear Timberland sandals (they have one that's great for water and the toes aren't open-no toe cap, but the toes are mostly covered). I got their pairs this year for $26 on Amazon (not picky about colors). Just wanted to throw that out there for anyone who likes that type of sandal w/the covered toes. Teva also has a nice one this year w/a rubber toe cap.


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Not Keen brand, but I got these Northside ones from Amazon this week for my daughter. I am really happy with them. Side by side with my brand new Keens I just got at Nordstrom Rack, I can't see any difference in quality (keeping in mind both are brand new so they haven't passed the wear-and-tear test).

[ame=""] Northside Burke II Athletic Sandal (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid): Shoes[/ame]

They're around $25/pair and I had an Amazon Mom coupon in my email that took another 25% off that. Available in a wide variety of colors. I got pink.

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